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Hydraulic Press Brake and Hydraulic Shearing Machine at Indonesia Metal Machinery Exhibition 2019


On December 4, 2019, the annual “Metal Machinery Exhibition” held in Indonesia kicked off in Jakarta, Indonesia. Booth number: B480. Businesses from all over the world were invited to participate. KRRASS had the honor to participate for two consecutive years Attending this meeting, KRRASS can be said to be “laden with loads” at the 2018 exhibition. So what is the situation in 2019? Please wait and see! At the exhibition, we demonstrated mechanical products such as Hydraulic Press Brake and Hydraulic Shearing Machine at the scene. Claus’s booth attracted the attention of many businessmen. On the first day of the show alone, three exhibits-shearing machines, two bending machines were sold, and a steady stream of customer orders were received.

Hydraulic Press Brake and Hydraulic Shearing Machine Indonesia Metal Machinery Exhibition 2019

At this exhibition, we have also been recognized by many new and old customers, our hydraulic press brake equipment is well received by our customers. At present, we have reached the intention of cooperation with dozens of companies on the site, which can be called “fruitful.” In 2020, we will continue to participate in the exhibition and hope that customers will come. Thank you, old and new customers, for your support of KRRASS. We will continue to take technological innovation as the core, focus on the development of productivity, and customer demand as the market orientation, and strive to become the first brand in the field of sheet metal equipment, to promote our products to the world and benefit customers.

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