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KRRASS Company has come back from Malaysia 2019 METALTECH with fruitful results


On 2019 METALTECH, various Hydraulic Shearing Machine, Hydraulic Press Brake and Fiber Laser cutting machine from many countries, on this competitive platform, KRRASS exhibited 2019 new Fiber Laser Cutting Machine, which has become a highlight of the exhibition.

Malaysi Laser cutting machine

Many customers from Malaysia and Singapore held talks with KRRASS agents in Malaysia, and the atmosphere of the scene was very good. With the sincere service of sales agents, many customers finally reached cooperation agreements with KRRASS.

KRRASS delivered business cards to the world, witnessing the brand strength of KRRASS. KRRASS sticks to the strategy of brand internationalization. Participation 2019 METALTECH has taken a solid step in the path of brand internationalization. In the future, KRRASS brand will grow stronger and stronger!

Malaysi Laser cutting machine

The laser cutting machine presented in the exhibition has been sent to the customer’s factory for installation and debugging, and KRRASS laser cutting machine has been highly recognized by the customer.

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