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Reasonable Prices. 10 Years Warranted. Factory Direct Price. Fast Shipping To Worldwide. Leading CNC Press Brake Machine Manufacturer in China. 30+ years Experience. Our products are Hydraulic Shearing Machines, Press Brake machines, Fiber Laser Cutting machines, and Plate Rolling Machines.

KRRASS® Products List

The CNC press brake machine is a mechanical tool powered by a hydraulic or electrical system, with an AI program attached to it for precise and accurate bending on the raw material.

The NC press brake mechanically adjusts the cylinder stroke, and the CNC press brake controls the stroke by hydraulic pressure.

A panel bender is an effective metal forming machine for jobs involving materials with up to 1/8 inch thick. In one process, it is possible to rapidly complete a complex part that requires very accurate radius forming, hemming, or offset bends. 

In the case of hydraulic guillotine shears, our CNC model includes an adjustable cutting angle. Motorized guillotine shears feature an impressive compact design and robust construction. 

The hydraulic swing beam shearing machine cannot utilize all four edges of the blade to cut metal plates due to its curved blade movement.

As a tube bender, you work with metal tubes, rods, and bars, shaping them into the desired configurations. Using a tube bending machine and working from written instructions and plans, you fabricate parts by flaring, deburring, trimming, and forming material of various dimensions.

A fiber laser cutting machine uses active optical fibers to create a laser beam and a transport fiber to transmit this to the machine’s cutting head.

Oxyfuel cutting is a combustion process using oxygen or a fuel gas flame. The heating flame warms up the material to its ignition temperature. Next, an oxygen jet of at least 99.5 percent purity is blown onto the heated spot, oxidizing the metal.

Plasma cutting is a process that cuts through electrically conductive materials by means of an accelerated jet of hot plasma. Typical materials cut with a plasma torch include steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and copper, although other conductive metals may be cut as well.

Ironworker is a class of machine that can shear, notch, and punch holes in steel plate and profiles. The name is now used to refer to the whole class of machines (made by at least a dozen brands, including Edwards).

A plate rolling machine is a machine that will roll different kinds of sheet metal into a round or conical shape. It can be also called a “roll bending machine”, “plate bending machine” or “rolling machine”.

The notching machine is mainly used for cutting metal plate materials. It is widely used in many fields such as automobile manufacturers, boats, elevators, electrical equipment, pipes, cooking utensils and stainless steel products.

V grooving machine is extremely useful in precision works and bending of corners to maintain the edges. Bending of metals and alloys utilizing V groover machines allow for it to be folded to a tight radius or sharp corners.

A hydraulic press is a machine press using a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. It uses the hydraulic equivalent of a mechanical lever, and was also known as a Bramah press after the inventor, Joseph Bramah, of England.

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