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CNC PRESS BRAKE USE DELEM DA66S Controller At the Canton Fair

cnc press brake use delem da66s

On April 15, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was launched in Pazhou, Guangzhou. As a “barometer” and “weather vane” of China’s foreign trade economy, the Canton Fair has been held for 68 consecutive years. The Canton Fair will be held in three phases, while normalizing the operation of online and offline platforms.

In the background of the Canton Fair, 140,000 overseas buyers reported for booking progress procurement, and 60,000 buyers entered the Canton Fair trading site on the day of the launch.

Our company MB8-110T3200 DELEM DA66S 8+1 axis high distribution fluid CNC bending machine, appeared in this Canton Fair. Krrass will discover cutting-edge innovations, explore the most advanced CNC bending machines, and learn KRRASS manufacturing processes with our team of experts. The product achieves energy supply on demand, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, low noise, high precision and multi-axis features have attracted the attention of many domestic and foreign traders and buyers.

On the day of the launch, many old customers of Krrass came to the scene and gave the highest evaluation to our CNC bending machine, followed by many new customers at home and abroad. In the communication, we learned that Krrass products have been the equipment they most want to own.

KRRASS signed more than 10 customer orders on site, and the transaction amount reached 1 million US dollars. During the exhibition, customers had a very high evaluation of KRRASS compared with their peers.

Krrass machine tool exports worldwide, last year’s exports reached 15 million US dollars, and this year strives to increase by 20%. “Canton Fair is a bridge for foreign trade enterprises to connect the world, this year is our company’s second participation in the offline exhibition, the site is very good, has been highly recognized by new and old customers, hope to get more foreign trade orders.”


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    • 4 weeks ago

    Woo, very great machines. I also visit KRRASS factory, very good factory.
    wish my PBE-50T/1600 CNC Press brake machine get ready asap!

    • 4 weeks ago

    Very good machine, I saw KRASS 110T3200 DA66S 8+1 Axis on Canton Fair, very high-end quality!

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