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FAQs List

How is about the quality of KRRASS machine?

We hare world-class R&D team to support the quality of our machines, our products have got CE, ISO and SGS certification to prove the advantages of KRRASS machines.

What is the warranty about KRRASS machine?

We will provide 2 years warranty for KRRASS machines, during the warranty period, customers can get thorough and timely service and KRRASS will send the spare parts for replacement of any broken parts on the machine for free.

How can I visit KRRASS factory in China?

  • Take high speed train from other city to Nanjing south railway station, KRRASS factory is around 50KM far from this station.
  • Take plane to Nanjing Lukou international airport, KRRASS factory is around 30KM far from this airport.

How can I become one of the KRRASS agents in my country?

KRRASS is willing to work with all potential teams who have the ambitious goal for this job, we will provide thoroughly support and help to expand the market, If you have interest, you can send mail to [email protected] ,we will have further discussion.

Can I get overseas service from KRRASS?

KRRASS can provide overseas service including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance for any clients from all over the world, customer only assume the accommodation and airfare for our engineer and pay USD100 as the salary for our engineer everyday.

How can I contact the KRRASS agent in my local city?

If you want to contact KRRASS local agent, you can send email to [email protected], then we will ask them to contact you directly.

What is the shipping method for KRRASS machines?

If customer orders one small machine with wood package, we will deliver the machine by LCL, If customer orders two or more machines together, we will load them into containers and send them to the port, this will help client save more cost.

How can I get after-sales service from KRRASS?

You can contact KRRASS via phone or Email, KRRASS will certainly give you reply in 24 hours. You can show your questions or problems in the form of video or picture that would be better for both of us to solve your problems promptly. Customers can also contact our local agent directly, they will give you reply ASAP.

How does a press brake work?

The bending proceed is executed by the punch and die, the upper punch is installed on the ram and the bottom die is anchored on the table. When the punch moves together with the ram up and down, the sheet will be bent into different angles or shapes. There are three different types of bending methods used in forming sheet metal: coining, bottom bending, and air forming. Each has a specific purpose and application.


Coining was probably the first bending method practiced in the sheet metal trade. The process requires an amount of tonnage so great that the material being formed actually flows. This flowing goes out from the coined segment to that part of the workpiece not under pressure. If the bend radius is sharp (less than 63% of the material thickness), the punch tip can actually penetrate into or past the neutral axis of the bend. There the yield of the material is broken. With this penetration of the neutral axis by the punch tip, the springback almost disappears, and material remains permanently deformed at the point where the pressure was released.

Bottom Bending

There are many similarities between coining and bottom bending. With coining, however, the entire surface of the material comes into contact with the tooling, which is stamped so severely that the material actually flows, with bottom bending, on the other hand, only the radius is stamped into the material. Springback is the characteristic of most materials to try to return to the flat position after forming. The angular tooling clearance should be equal to the springback. As pressure is applied to the radius, the material passes by the required angle and up to a total equal to the required angle and the springback; then it is forced back to the required bend angle.

Air forming

Air forming is a three-point bending operation. The three points are the punch tip and both top corners of the die, Air forming uses the penetration of the punch tip into the die space as the determining factor in achieving the required bend angle. Because its tonnages are greatly reduced from those required for coining or bottoming, air forming is fast becoming the method of choice by most manufacturers. Wear and tear on the press brake and tooling is greatly reduced, leading to a marked increase in equipment longevity.

Each of there foregoing styles of metal forming has a purpose. Each is capable, within its limitations , of producing an excellent product, it takes the practiced eye of the journeyman to know why and when specific techniques should be used.

What is a press brake used for?

The press brake machine is widely used for the steel sheet metal processing, mostly they will be used in the following fields:

Decoration industry

The CNC press brake machine will be used for bending the stainless-steel elevator, steel door and frame, steel windows and skirting line. Sometimes we will use the CNC V grooving machine after bending to get the perfect bending angles.

Electric industry

The press brake plays an important role in the production of electric cabinet. After the steel sheet cut by the shearing machine, we will use the press brake machine to bend them into different size of the cabinet by different types of the punch and die. The segmented tooling is also the necessary part during the production, especially for the left and right horns of the punch, it is vital to form the box in the final stage.

Kitchen industry

Most of the kitchen devices are made of stainless steel, we need to use the press brake to bend them into different shapes before the final product is finished. Mostly we will use the CNC Press brake with different punch and die, like gooseneck punch and 2V die by segments. We can also use this machine to make the HVAC and other related products.

Automobile and ship industry

In this field, large capacity press brake and CNC press brake will be widely used and it as higher requirement for the bending accuracy and efficiency. KRRASS is one of the press brake manufacturers in China who is capable to produce such machines and offer good service for customers from all over the world.

Aerospace industry

High precision is generally required in this industry, because the product which produced by CNC Press brake is the key part for the final product and the bending tolerance should be within the acceptable range. KRRASS has many customers in this field and they are all satisfied with our press brake.

FAQs List

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