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6000W(6KW) Fiber laser cutting machine parameters, IPG, Raycus, Max

This table lists 6000W(6KW) fiber laser cutting machine cutting parameters, cutting data about carbon steel, stainless steel,etc.If you need to know the fiber laser cutting machine price, please contact us! 2000W fiber laser cutting machine

Thickness(mm)Speed(m/min)Focus positionCutting height(mm)Gas Nozzle typePressure(bar)
Carbon steel (Q235B)125-3201 N2Single: 1.512
220-27-11Single: 2.012
312-15-1.50.5Single: 2.014
47-8.5-20.5Single: 2.014
55.7-6.8-2.50.5Single: 3.016
33.6-4.2+50.8 O2 Double: 1.20.6
43.3-3.8+50.8 Double: 1.20.6
53-3.6+50.8 Double: 1.20.6
62.7-3.2+50.8 Double: 1.20.6
82.2-2.5+60.8 Double: 1.20.6
102.0-2.3+7.50.8 Double: 1.20.6
121.9-2.1+7.50.8 Double: 1.20.6
141.4-1.7+91 Double: 1.40.6
161.2-1.4+91 Double: 1.40.6
180.7-0.8+120.3Single: 1.40.8
200.5-0.6+40.8 Double: 5.00.6
200.6-0.7+130.3Single: 1.40.8
220.45-0.5+40.8 Double: 5.00.6
220.5-0.6+130.3Single: 1.51
250.4-0.5+140.3Single: 1.51
Stainless steel (SUS304)135-4500.8 N2Single: 1.510
223-32-10.5Single: 2.012
315-18-1.50.5Single: 2.512
49-13-20.5Single: 2.514
57-8.5-2.50.5Single: 3.014
64-5.5-30.5Single: 3.015
83-3.8-40.5Single: 3.015
101.8-2.1-60.5Single: 4.015
121-1.3-7.50.5Single: 5.016
140.85-1.1-90.5Single: 5.016
160.6-10.50.3Single: 5.018
180.5-120.3Single: 5.020
200.3-140.3Single: 6.020
Aluminum (6061)130-3701 N2Single: 1.512
222-27-10.5Single: 2.012
313-18-1.50.5Single: 2.514
49-11-20.5Single: 2.514
55-6.5-30.5Single: 3.014
63.6-4.2-30.5Single: 3.016
81.8-2.1-40.5Single: 3.016
101-1.3-4.50.5Single: 3.518
120.7-1-50.5Single: 4.018
140.5-50.3Single: 4.018
160.4-80.3Single: 6.020
Brass125-3201 N2Single: 1.512
217-21-10.5Single: 2.012
312-15-10.5Single: 2.514
48-9.3-1.50.5Single: 3.014
54.5-5.5-20.5Single: 3.014
63.2-4-3.50.5Single: 3.016
81.5-2-50.5Single: 3.516
101-60.5Single: 3.516
120.7-80.3Single: 4.018
Copper120-27-0.51 O22.0S8


  1. In the cutting data, the core diameter of the 6000W laser output fiber is 50 microns;
  2. The cutting data adopts Jiaqiang cutting head with an optical ratio of 100/125 (collimation/focus lens focal length);
  3. Cutting auxiliary gas: liquid oxygen (purity 99.99%) liquid nitrogen (purity 99.999%);
  4. The air pressure in this cutting data specifically refers to the monitoring air pressure at the cutting head;
  5. Due to differences in the equipment configuration and cutting process (machine tool, water cooling, environment, cutting nozzle, gas pressure, etc.) used by different customers, this data is for reference only.

The 6000W fiber laser cutting machine produced by KRRASS basically follows these parameters.

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