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Russian customers visit the factory and inspect the press brake

Russian customers visit KRRASS factory

On July 26, 2023, KRRASS Machine Tool Co., Ltd. welcomed several Russian customers to visit the site. KRRASS Machine Tool mainly produces and operates CNC press brakes, torsion shaft press brakes, hydraulic guillotine shearing machine, plate rolling machines. The company’s strong qualifications, years of rich experience in sheet metal, high-quality products and after-sales service, and good development prospects are important reasons for attracting customers to visit and inspect this time.

Russian press brake customers visit KRRASS factory

We extend a warm welcome to customers and are happy to receive customers from all over the world, welcome customers from different regions to visit. Accompanied by us, the customer first inspected the production workshop of our Russian press brake and Russian hydraulic shearing machine, and introduced in detail the production and processing process of the CNC press brake and torsion axis press brake as well as the scope and effect of the equipment. and other relevant knowledge. When customers visited our CNC press brake production process, they saw that we handled the raw materials very carefully and polished the machine body over and over again. During the inspection of the production process of the hydraulic shearing machine, we saw our working attitude of striving for perfection for each machine. Customers express their great appreciation and recognition for our press brake and shearing machine production technology and production links.

Russian press brake customers visit KRRASS factory

Then the customer visited our CNC press brake and torsion axis press brake assembly workshop, and saw that although there are many press brakes waiting to be assembled, the workers still operate in an orderly manner and control every detail. Under the guidance of relevant technical personnel, the customer conducted an on-site test operation on the Russian press brake and hydraulic gate shearing machine, measured the plate thickness of our press brake, and witnessed the bending accuracy and precision adjustment of the CNC press brake. The customer I am full of praise for the good performance of the CNC press brake. We also gave detailed answers to various questions raised by customers about the hydraulic gate shearing machine, and answered customers’ doubts through practical operations. Our rich professional knowledge and well-qualified professional ability have left a deep impression on customers and convinced them that we are also a professional manufacturer of hydraulic gate shears.

Then, we introduced the company’s current development status, technical improvement of equipment, sales cases, etc. in detail. Customers are deeply impressed by our company’s good working environment, orderly production process, strict quality control, orderly workflow, and meticulous detail processing, especially the CNC press brake and hydraulic gate shearing machine , and in-depth discussions on the future cooperation between the two parties, hoping to complement each other, win-win and develop together in the future!


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