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1KW Fiber laser cutting machine rack and pinion and bilateral drive problem solving

The application of fiber laser cutting machine in industrial products has been developing rapidly in recent years. Its near-infrared wavelength (1080nm) is also beneficial to the absorption of metal materials. Compared with CO2 laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine has the following characteristics: low Maintenance, low operating cost; fiber transmission, no need to reflect the lens, no need to adjust the external light path; low power consumption, no consumption of working gas, energy saving.

Why do fiber laser cutting machines use gear racks for transmission?

The rack and pinion is widely used for high speed and large stroke. Linear motors are widely used in high-speed, high-acceleration CNC machines with special structures. In addition, the rack and pinion are divided into two types: straight teeth and helical teeth. The helical teeth are larger in meshing area than the straight teeth, and the transmission between the gears and the rack is smooth.

Fiber laser cutting machine

What are the characteristics of the laser cutting machine bilateral drive?

The gantry-type fiber laser cutting machine has two forms of motion. One is that the gantry moves during machining but the table is fixed, and the other is that the gantry is fixed and the table moves. For large format, high speed laser cutting machines, a form is often used because the table is moved with the workpiece and is not suitable for high speed and thick sheet cutting.

Some manufacturers’ fiber laser cutting machines adopt gantry single-side driving. The servo motor is installed at one end of the gantry beam, and then transmits the driving force to the other end through a long shaft to realize double-gear rack drive and single servo motor drive. The unilateral drive makes the ends of the beam asymmetrical, affecting the synchronization accuracy and reducing the dynamic performance of the machine.

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