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CNC press brake shock absorber equipped standard 


The CNC Press Brake shock absorber is generally used to suppress the vibration of the spring plate and the impact from the ground when the spring plate rebounds after absorbing the shock.

When passing through the uneven ground, although the shock-absorbing spring sheet can absorb the vibration of the ground, the spring sheet itself will still move repeatedly, and the shock absorber is used to suppress the bounce of this kind of spring sheet.

CNC Press Brake shock absorber

If the shock absorber is too soft, the car body will bounce up and down. If the shock absorber is too hard, it will produce a lot of friction resistance, which prevents the spring sheet from working properly. In the whole process of the modification of the suspension system, the hard shock absorber should be matched with the hard spring, and the strength of the spring is closely related to the weight of the vehicle.

Therefore, the harder shock absorber is usually selected for the heavier car.

The equipment connected to the shock-inducing crankshaft is used to counteract the torsional vibration of the crankshaft (that is, the situation where the crankshaft is shaken by the impact force of the cylinder ignition).

When choosing a shock absorber, it is best to check the actual shock absorber effect of the product and select the product with the best characteristics. Because the impulse of the bending machine is relatively large, the shock absorber selected must be able to bear the impulse of at least the load, and the actual effect of the shock absorber is more than about 80%.

In addition, the shock absorber with hydraulic damper can be given priority to reduce the resonance caused by the high-speed working speed of the bending machine, and the maintenance of machinery and equipment and molds will not be destroyed. The last question is that the frequency of the shock absorber to be used must be relatively low in order to meet the requirements for high-speed operation of the bending machine.

Generally, the principle of the shock absorber of CNC bending machine is that the suspension system is vibrated due to the impact of the elastic element. In order to improve the driving stability of the trolley, the suspension system is connected with the elastic element in series to install the shock absorber, which is the attenuation coefficient vibration.

The shock absorber used in the automobile suspension system software is mostly hydraulic transmission shock absorber. The principle is that when relative movement occurs between the frame (or car body) and the axle, the piston rod in the shock absorber is left and right. When moving, the oil in the shock absorber cavity is continuously injected from one cavity into another cavity through a different porosity.

At this time, the friction between the edge of the hole and the oil and the internal friction between the molecular structure of the oil generate resistance to the vibration, so that the vibration kinetic energy of the trolley is converted into oil energy, which is then digested and absorbed by the shock absorber and released into the air. When the cross-section and other elements of the oil safety channel are the same, the resistance is adjusted with the relative movement rate between the frame and the axle (or wheel), and is related to the oil viscosity.

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