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How to Solve Hydraulic Press Brake Bending Angle Error Brake?

How to solve the bending Angle error of Hydraulic Press Brake? Let’s take a look at the details.

Hydraulic Press Brake

1、Check whether the compensated deflection of the Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes cylinder is large and cannot be completely restored to zero

2、Check whether the quick clamping and wedge of NC Press Brakes are loose

3、Check whether there is any change in the dead point of Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes.

4、Check whether the installation of NC Press Brake is standard and whether the screw hole is to end

5、Changes in the plate itself of Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes (thickness, material and stress)

6、Check whether the grating ruler of Hydraulic CNC Press Brake is loose or not

7、Improper positioning accuracy of NC Press Brakes: whether the zero offset value of proportional valve is appropriate, and the positioning cannot reach the lower dead point, making it impossible to return the journey (Hydraulic CNC Press Brakes)

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