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DELEM DA66S Press Brake Machine Price,PBS-175T3200 DA66S 6+1 Axis

Original price was: $45,406.00.Current price is: $40,866.00.

Model: PBS-175T3200

Axis: 6+1 Axis

Category: CNC Press Brake

Brand Name: KRRASS

Bending Pressure: 1750KN

Bending Length: 3200mm

Controller: DELEM DA-66S

HS Code: 8462299000

Application: DELEM DA66S Press Brake Machine Price,PBS-175T3200 DA66S 6+1 Axis


Bending Pressure:1750KN
Bending Length:3200mm
CNC Control Axes:Y1+Y2+X+R+Z1+Z2+W Crowning
Main Motor:13.2KW
Operating Voltage:380V 50Hz
CNC System:DA-66S
Length* Width* Height:4050mm * 1800mm * 2730mm


Overall appearance

Hydraulic Press Brake with DA-66S Controller with its easy-to-use control unit, rigid body frame, flawless design, high efficiency, multiple tool usage solutions, top CE safety standards, and a suitable price range make it the best-in-class world leader. It is ideal for bend-sensitive, energy-efficient solutions.

  • Simple and solid Hydraulic Press Brake
  • Work area can be customized and all types of tool clamping can be installed
  • Tailored-made Hydraulic Press Brake

DELEM DA-66S Control

  • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
  • 3D machine representation, in simulation and production
  • 24″ high resolution color TFT
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • User specific application support within the control’s multitasking environment

C-type Throat Deformation Compensation Device

Fagor grating ruler can accurately measure the small deformation caused by bending force of machine tool,then feedback compensation, to ensure the bending accuracy of plates of any thickness and materia.

Schneider Electric

High quality electric parts can perform well even the electricity is not stable and customers can easily get the replacement anywhere in the word.

Taiwan Shilin inverter ensures the positioning accuracy of the X-axis and Y-axis.

X-axis Servo Motor

In addition, the advantages of servo motors include:

  • High reliability: Highly reliable
  • High ratio of torque to inertia: Can provide as much as 50% more torque in many applications
  • High precision: Can precisely actuate, hold, and speed up positions, torque, and speeds in fractions of seconds

R-axis Servo Motor

Servo motors have several advantages, including:

  • High efficiency: Can approach 90% at light loads
  • High output power: Relative to their size and weight
  • Closed-loop control: Ensures greater accuracy
  • Quiet operation: Little sound noise

Rexroth Proportional Valve

The German Rexroth fully closed-loop electro-hydraulic servo high-frequency synchronous control system is adopted to ensure that the machine tool has high stability and high precision in the process of high-speed operation.

Estun servo main motor

The Estun servo main motor greatly reduces the power consumption when the press brake is working, increases the service life of the machine, and keeps the machine working in a lower noise environment, which is green and environmentally friendly.

X-axis Ball Screw Linear Guide

  • Precision: Ball screws offer enhanced precision, reduced energy consumption, and lower maintenance requirements.
  • Responsiveness: Ball screws deliver exceptionally smooth motion.
  • Friction: Ball screws rely on recirculating balls to reduce friction instead of lubricants.

Back Finger Stoper

High-precision backstop means that customers can input the size into the system according to the product’s dimensions, and it can be positioned accurately with an accuracy of 0.01mm.

X axis adopts ball screw and linear quide, ensure high synchronization accuracy and very long life. Widened and extended custom stop fingers, Finger support frame with double linear guide, Meet your reguirements.

Precision Quick Clamping Device

It is convenient to quickly clamp the upper die, reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. The utility model has the advantages of high precision, easy clamping, no loosening, no tool dropping, etc.

MSD laser safety protection system (optional)

Equipped with MSD laser safety protection system to ensure efficient production and the personal safety of operators.

CNC Motorized Crowning System

Low worktable has an automatic crowning compensation uint; compensation amount is automatically set up by CNC system, with guarantee a same bending angel on full length.

The worktable adopts the particular design, reducing the crowning distortion amount of lower tool effectively.

Front Material Support

The front material support can be lifted and lowered freely. When you need to bend larger metal sheets, it can effectively assist in reducing your workload.

Pedal Switch

South Korea brand foot switch ismovableand can stop the machineanytime by theemergency button.

Thickness of workbench(100mm)

Thickness of side panel(60mm)

Thickness of slider(70mm)

Tooling (Optional)

Standard tooling
Standard tooling
Top tooling
Non-Standard tooling
Gooseneck tooling
Gooseneck tooling
Double-V Concentric Mold
Double-V Concentric Mold
Four-V Concentric Mold
Four-V Concentric Mold
Multi-V mold
Multi-V Mold



You should feel completely satisfied with your KRRASS Press Brake purchase, and your peace of mind is a significant part of that process. We want you to feel the same confidence in your new KRRASS machine that we do, which is why every Press Brake purchase includes our Hassle-Free KRRASS 30-Day Return option in order to fully experience and evaluate their new KRRASS machine. It allows you to return or exchange your KRRASS purchase, for any reason, within 30 days of initial purchase. Refunds are simple and are issued once the original machine and all accompanying accessories have been returned. The refund or exchange will be issued minus the 15% restocking fee for items & accessories, 25% KRRASS Press Brake Machine Series customization fee, and shipping or handling costs are not included. Click here for details



2 years Bumper to Bumper machine warranty for all machine mechanical and electrical components. (Except consumables parts) The Company represents and warrants that the KRRASS All Series of products will perform according to the warranty policy stated above from date of invoice. Products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service for the stated period. KRRASS has the responsibility to offer a timely solution and/or repair if deemed inoperable or defective by KRRASS Repair & Support Specialists. Clients are obligated to show proof of any such claims of machine parts or operational defects. Click here for details

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