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Fiber Laser cutter regulator valve maintenance matters

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Pressure control valve for the fiber laser cutter is also a very important accessories settings, once the pressure control valve problems will also be the normal use of cutting machine equipment. This requires regular maintenance of the pressure control valve, the following small editor to tell you about the equipment pressure control valve maintenance matters.

fiber laser cutter

1, installation precautions

Before installing pressure regulator valves for fiber laser cutters, remember to blow clean the dust, oil and other tiny particles in the pipe, and at the same time must prevent sealing material fragments from mixing into them;

2, the use of process considerations

  1. When the moisture in the air is heavy and condensate is caused, the condensate is left in the valve, which can easily cause the bad condition of the pressure relief valve, so the handle should be installed underneath to facilitate timely control;
  2. Import and export direction must not be installed, otherwise the pressure relief valve will leak for a long time, lose the function of pressure control;
  3. Two pressure relief valves to do high and low pressure alternate intake circuit, please use a check valve to prevent counterflow;
  4. If there is condensate, oil pollution, dust, etc. in the inward side pressure pipe will cause frequent leakage or thottosis hole blockage, so that the effect of the pressure relief valve is affected, so the front of the pressure relief valve should be installed filters to prevent dust, oil pollution, etc. ;
  5. The relief valve control button should be locked after the pressure control operation is completed.

Everyone in the fiber laser cutting machine of the pressure control valve maintenance operation, we must pay more attention to the above small editor said these contents, in accordance with the correct way of maintenance work, so that the pressure control really play a maintenance effect.

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