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How to choose the best DELEM controller for your press brake?

DA58T CNC Press Brake

Is it Delem 58T, 66T, or maybe 69T? In this article, you will learn the differences between the most popular controllers from the Press brake manufacturer. We will analyze together and find out how to choose the most suitable system that is based on standard configuration and extra functions. You can find press brakes with Delem controllers in our Krrass offer.

As technology and science constantly go forward, the systems of numerical control have allowed press brake to move to another level. With the convenient operation, as well as the application of the set of numerical control functions, DELEM has become the most frequently chosen system for high-quality press brakes. The manufacturer offers the whole gamut of models including DA-52S, and DA-53T, as well as three models we will discuss in this article: DA-58T, DA-66T, or DA-69T. In the next part, we will discuss the differences and functions of those three in a sequence as listed above.

DA-58T Delem controller

Delem DA-58T controller is a modern and exhaustive solution for 2D graphical control dedicated to press brakes. Its 15” colour TFT screen of high resolution that includes a multitouch industrial technology ensures access to the reliable Delem user interface. The interface allows the direct navigation between the programming mode and real production.

Screen of a DA-58T controller

The buttons are located exactly where they are necessary to be, and therefore provide an optimised ergonomics in each aspect of machine regulation. The application of improved ergonomics ensures that test bending processes are reduced to minimum. Moreover, thanks to easy and fast programming, the programmes are generated with a single click.

This solution makes you ready to make parts immediately as all the axis positions are calculated automatically and the bending sequence is simulated using both the machine and tools in the real scale. DA-58T offers an option of 2D programming, including automatic estimation of bending sequence and collision detection. DA-58T manufacturing mode assists the operator via a graphic simulation at the same time providing them with guidance when operating the press brake. Standard features of the controller include steering Y1, Y2 and X axes. The backgauge is steered in R and Z axes. The crowning is a standard feature.

DA-66T Delem controller

A new generation of DA-Touch offers higher efficiency in programming, operating and controlling contemporary press brakes. Straightforward operation teams up with the most advanced technology resulting in increased productivity. The touch screen ensures access to a reliable Delem user interface and allows the direct navigation between programming and production modes. The buttons are located exactly where they are necessary to be, and therefore provide an optimised ergonomics in each aspect of machine regulation.

Screen of a Delem DA-66T controller

DA-66T offers an option of 2D programming, including automatic estimation of bending sequences as well as detection of collision. The controller features full configuration of a 3D machine model including tool multi stations that provide feedback instructing the operator if a part can be made or where it is located.

Compared to the previous model, Delem DA-66T has moved the system of numerical control to a higher level.

  • Large, 17” displays the simulation in 3D
  • Complete suite of applications for Windows
  • Compatible with DELEM Modusys
  • Angle detecting sensor and other functions

All these features contribute to the fact that this controller is very popular among users of our press brakes. DA-66T is a very economical system that will surprise everyone with its accuracy and multitude of functions!

Delem DA-69T controller

The DA-69T model offers the highest efficiency in programming as it contributes to a high level of contemporary press brakes. The controller allows maximum productivity. The interface allows direct navigation between the programming mode and real production. The button layout proved by Delem ensures that the options are located exactly where they are necessary thus offering optimized ergonomics regarding the whole software.

Screen of a Delem DA-69T controller

DA-69T offers an option for 2D programming, including automatic estimation of bending sequences and collision detection. The controller features the full configuration of a 3D machine model including tool multi-stations that provide feedback instructing the operator if a part can be made or where it is located. Highly-effective algorithms for steering operation optimize the working cycle and minimize the configuration time. This solution facilitates using our press brakes as the DA-69 controller enables programming in 3D that is easier to use compared to DA-66T possibilities.

Comparison of the specifications

Screen specification15” touch screen17” infrared touch screen17” infrared touch screen
Programming modeManual programming and 2D graphics programming2D graphics programming and 3D graphics display3D graphics programming and 3D graphics display
Tool fast clamping functionNo supportSupportSupport
Web settingsOptional extrasComplete suite of applications for WindowsComplete suite of applications for Windows
Number of steering axes4+1 axes control8+1 axes control8+1 axes control
Angle detectionNoneSensor interface with an angle detection functionSensor interface with an angle detection function
CompatibilityNoneDELEM Modusys compatibilityDELEM Modusys compatibility
Panel personalisationThe panel cannot be personalisedOEM panels personalisationOEM panels personalisation
Offline softwareProfile-58TL – the USB interface can use any memory and a dedicated code.Profile-TL – USB interface requires a configured memory.Profile-T3D – USB interface requires a configured memory.
Price evaluationReasonable price – general functionsHigh efficiency and higher costHigher price but increased functionality

What will be best for me?

If you specified the working area and pressing force of your press brake – that is necessary to accomplish the most demanding parts – it is worth thinking about the controlling system that will not limit your possibilities. Below, we compare the advantages and disadvantages of the listed Delem controllers. Each of the presented controllers allows for unrestrained bending using Otinus press brakes.

DA-58T controller allows utilizing the most important functions of our press brakes, and it will be enough for most of the basic applications. As an operator, you will not have any influence on the panel layout to tailor it to your preferences. If you are sure what parts you will produce and you do not plan to manufacture very complex parts, this model is best for you.

If you need to maintain more complex parts at your plant including oblique bending (X1, X2 axis movement required), it is worth choosing one of the remaining models. DA-66T provides the balance between price and capabilities. This controller allows the controlling of the back gauge in 8 and more axes. The operator’s possibilities may be unlimited. Moreover, 3D visualization of parts and their location will ensure that making even very complicated parts becomes easier.

This controller is compatible with offline software Profile-TL using which your employee will be able to write CNC programs for your parts in your company. This solution enables production process optimization and best utilizes the operator time for the bending process when working with the machine.

Delem DA-69T is targeted at the most demanding customers. It allows the 3D control of each part using only the controller. Extensive memory will store all the programs sorted out in folders. Profile-T3D offline software allows importing DXF files with part drawings. The software will automatically create a program for the operator which will facilitate their work. This solution will prove its value in companies manufacturing many single parts and in which each day may bring along completely different parts to make.


We hope that we have solved all your doubts concerning Delem controllers as well as their practical application to our press brakes. If you have any further questions, contact us please, and one of our Krrass technical and sales advisors will find the solution that best suits your needs.

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