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CNC Hydraulic Press Brake of Practical maintenance and treatment methods


1. Ram of CNC hydraulic press brake can not quickly down or down speed is very slow
1.1 Pedal switch, see DM02 module
1.2 Intermediate relay KA2, check the electronic-control signal with a multimeter
1.3 Check servo proportional valve during diagnostic process
1.4, after the block material shaft is not in place, check the display X, Y axis state

2. CNC hydraulic press brake without work progress
2.1 PV valve, check signal or clean
2.2 If single-side no progress, may be filling valve, remove and clean
2.3 Check the signal of intermediate relay

CNC Hydraulic Press Brake

3.CNC hydraulic press brake can not return or return is very slow
3.1 PV valve, check the signal or clear
3.2 Check the signal of intermediate relay KA1,
3.3 The ram is not in place, check the workpiece, program and parameters

4. cnc hydraulic press bending force is not enough, high oil temperature
4.1 Check whether the oil is dirty
4.2 The filter needs to be replaced
4.3 The pump is damaged
4.4 The proportional pressure valve dirty, need to clear
4.5 The main valve loosen, need re-lock

5.cnc hydraulic press brake ram slow down (down less than 2mm / min, down 2-3mm after the gradual stop, are normal)
5.1 Back pressure valve dirty, need to clean
5.2 Electric control one-way valve dirty, need to clean
5.3 The cylinder leak

6.cnc hydraulic press Ram running vibrantly
6.1 Check the slider rail elastic
6.2 Adjust the machine parameters

7. cnc hydraulic press brake bending angle or size is not accurate
7.1 Both sides of the angle can be amended on the system
7.2 Check whether the slider connection is loose
7.3 Check the workpiece material, material is uniform
7.4 Check whether the mold has been worn
7.5 Size is not right, first check the parallelism of backgauge, then check the stoppers

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