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Why don’t I suggest you buy used fiber laser cutting machine?

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

On the market, laser cutting machine has excellent processing technology performance, and its unique processing characteristics have become a famous story in the mechanical equipment industry. Therefore, for the supply and demand of the market, laser cutting machine has become a hot product. For many industries and strong production needs, but also led to economic changes in the entire market. The emergence of used laser cutting machine has become a tangled body in the market, which makes some enterprises worry about choosing laser equipment.

Used Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Used fiber laser cutting machine is a kind of laser cutting machine which has been used by users before and needs to be resold due to special circumstances. Called second-hand laser cutting machine, lost the function of the new laser cutting machine. Therefore, at present, most laser cutting machine manufacturers do not support the buy back and sale of second-hand laser cutting machines. There are several key points in the analysis of specific reasons.

  1. The first process of recycling second-hand laser cutting machine. General brand manufacturers do not use their own brand of recycling laser cutting machine, which also makes the second-hand laser cutting machine can not be recycled the first process.
  2. In the second-hand laser cutting machine, we don’t fully understand the workflow used by early users, and we can’t fully understand the working condition of this kind of equipment. There are many hidden factors in the equipment that we can’t control, so this completely contributes to the risk of this second-hand laser cutting machine.

  3. Since the user needs to sell, can you confirm that this laser cutting machine can not create value for it, or the technical content and processing effect of this equipment are not good Can meet the needs of this industry, or the warranty period of this equipment has passed, and so on. If you buy it, you need to take all these risks.
  4. The price difference between new laser cutting machine and second-hand laser cutting machine is not obvious. If you can and plan to buy a second-hand laser cutting machine, why If you don’t buy a brand new one with a small price? And the new laser cutting machine has a good guarantee and perfect after-sales team, why not?

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