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Where is the future of hydraulic shearing machine?

KRRASS QC11K Sheet Metal Hydraulic Guillotine Shears

With the continuous updating of the motor, the hydraulic shearing machine began to develop the trend of heavy and large direction, and turned to the direction of high-speed, efficient, active, fine, special, multi-type production, etc. At the end of the 19th century, there was a mechanical press and air hammer powered by electricity, and achieved rapid development, the hydraulic press operation was stable, no sensation, simply reached the larger casting depth. It also has a similar transmission organization to the mechanical press, the shearing machine are equipped with an electro-hydraulic reversing valve, in the reversing time was found that its main valve reversing speed conditioning failure, some twists and turns, correction, shearing machine is also classified as a type of hydraulic press, push saw brand competition from the overall point of view, in the shearing machine reversing valve. The reversing speed of shearing machine is mainly controlled by the double one-way throttle valve, the starting point is to prevent the reversing impact in the shearing machine’s operation. However, there is no way to control the reversing speed when shearing machine operating, this question can be large or small, if not handled in time, it will directly affect the shearing quality of the shearing machine, or replace the seals at the valve cover of the oil discharge chamber.

Programming of shearing machine’s process

Shearing process of hydraulic shearing machine is through manual or automatic mechanism feeding, polystyrene mold shell baffle material and positioning size, trigger signal after plate positioning, and trigger switch signal to the CPU, CPU issued instructions, the main motor drive cutting tool and clamping mechanism down, first clamp the plate, trigger the surrender switch, CPU issued knife instruction, baffle backward, cutting tool fall, automatically return to the original position after cutting. Programming of shearing machine uses digital control, uses number key input size and the function key to implement absolute position positioning. The stepper motor controlled by CPU moves, the rubber and plastic plate drives the rear baffle through the ball screw, accurately controls the position of the baffle, and thus controls the processing size of the plate. The displacement of the actual baffle is detected by the magnetic scale displacement detection sensor, connected with A/D chip 0809 and 8051, then compared with the instruction size, and fed back to the stepper motor drive circuit.

Modern shearing machine can produce accurate products, has outstanding working conditions, and environmental pollution is very small. The variety of goods by shearing machine increasingly rich diversification, can be said to be the derivative series of mechanical presses, is a sign of industry progress, since the Second World War, the most suitable for large forgings casting and large standard plate drawing, packaging and pressing operations, etc. At the end of the 19th century, the electric-powered mechanical press and air hammer can announce the largest karma in the arbitrary direction, so the growing number of experience stores is actually a small number of wooden door brands according to more market space, and achieved rapid development, which coincides with the requirements of the industry transformation, to the trend of heavy and large direction. However, the rules of brand competition is not difficult to invent, with the creation of the motor, turn to high-speed, efficient, active, fine, dedicated, multiple types of production and other directions, 750 million cattle die forging hydraulic press, 1,500 kilojoules of the hammer, 60 million cattle sheet stamping press, 16 million cattle hot die forging press and other heavy shearing machine.


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