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What is hydraulic shearing machine?

guillotine Shears

The Hydraulic shearing machine is the main machine for shearing, which can greatly improve the efficiency of processing. A shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to reciprocate linear motion relative to the other blade to cut the plate. With the help of the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade, a reasonable blade gap is used to apply shearing force to the metal plates of various thicknesses, so that the plates are broken and separated according to the required size. A Shearing machine is a kind of forging machinery, and its main function is in the metal processing industry. Products are widely used in aviation, light industry, metallurgy, chemical industry, construction, ships, automobiles, electric power, electrical appliances, decoration, and other industries to provide the required special machinery and complete sets of equipment.

After shearing, the shearing machine should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shearing surface of the sheared plate and minimize the distortion of the plate to obtain high-quality workpieces. The upper blade of the shearing machine is fixed on the knife holder, and the lower blade is fixed on the work table. A material support ball is installed on the worktable so that the sheet will not be scratched when sliding on it. The back gauge is used for sheet positioning, and the position is adjusted by the motor. The pressing cylinder is used to press the sheet to prevent the sheet from moving during shearing. Guardrails are safety devices to prevent workplace accidents. The return journey generally relies on nitrogen, which is fast and has a small impact.

Types of the hydraulic shearing machine?

1.According to the power principle, it can be divided into mechanical shearing machines and hydraulic shearing machines.

The mechanical shearing machine adopts a clutch structure in the form of a resistance key and an open gear transmission and is operated by more advanced electrical appliances (foot switch, manual switch), with low noise and convenient operation and maintenance. It adopts an all-steel welded structure, with a simple structure, easy operation, beautiful appearance, and low energy consumption. Widely used in metallurgy, light industry, machinery, hardware, electrical machinery, electrical appliances, automobile maintenance, hardware manufacturing, and other sheet metal processing industries.

A hydraulic shearing machine is a machine that applies shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses by means of the moving upper blade and the fixed lower blade and uses a reasonable blade gap to break and separate the plates according to the required size. The hydraulic shearing machine has a beautiful appearance, excellent performance, and stable quality.

2.According to the movement mode of the upper knife, it can be divided into a pendulum shearing machine and a gate shearing machine.

The pendulum shearing machine is a hydraulically driven shearing machine. The upper tool rest of the pendulum shearing machine swings in an arc around a fixed axis during the shearing process. Improve the life of the cutting edge and the machine, the structure of the whole machine is compact, and the stroke amount of the upper tool rest can be adjusted steplessly, which greatly improves the work efficiency.

The gate shearing machine has the advantages of strong shearing force and good shearing effect. It has always been respected in the majority of sheet metal processing. The gate shearing machine adopts the frame structure and adopts all steel welding; Yes, and with hydraulic preload. The hydraulic system adopts a two-way cartridge integrated valve; the whole system adopts a stroke digital display, a photoelectric protection device, and a mobile worktable (easy to replace the mold). Function, the working pressure stroke can be adjusted according to the process requirements within the specified range, and the operation is easy to use with centralized control of buttons.

Brief introduction:

With the development of modern science, shearing machine technology has also undergone great changes, from the traditional manual operation to today’s fully automatic mechanization. A shearing machine is a machine tool used to cut sheet metal. The main movement of large and medium-sized shears (scissors up and down) mostly adopts hydraulic transmission, that is, hydraulic cylinders are used to drive the scissors (frame) up and down. In order to prevent the sheet from lifting or moving, the sheet must be pressed with a presser foot when cutting. In order to reduce the friction force during feeding, a support ball is used to support the sheet feeding. These auxiliary actions are accomplished with several small auxiliary cylinders. The typical action cycle of the master cylinder during shearing is idle stroke down-cutting-buffering-quick return. The master cylinder can be stopped and retracted (jog) at any time during the descending process. In order to align the knife, there is a light pressure alignment state in the shearing machine. At this time, the downward force of the scissors is very small and will not damage the sheet.

Features and characteristics:

Mechanical shearing machine:

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

  1. The machine is an all-steel welding mechanism, with the hydraulic upper transmission, vibration to eliminate stress, high strength, and good rigidity. The hydraulic pendulum shearing machine uses the main oil cylinder (fixed on the wall plate) to do the downward shearing movement and the nitrogen cylinder return stroke, so the hydraulic system is simplified and the operation is more stable. The upper tool rest of the pendulum shearing machine swings in an arc around a fixed axis during the shearing process. Through the action of leverage, the fulcrum is less stressed, which can improve the life of the shearing edge and the life of the machine. The stroke amount of the upper tool rest can be adjusted in stages, which greatly improves work efficiency.
  2. The function of the CNC system (Delem): Display in Chinese, easy to operate. The rear gauge device is adjusted by a motorized block, with one-way and two-way positioning functions, which can effectively eliminate the lead screw gap, and has the function of withdrawing and selecting materials, avoiding the interference between the gauge device and the workpiece, reducing wear and improving positioning accuracy, with automatic or manual operation. Search reference point function. With power-off position memory function, on-site protection of parameters, positions, and programs. With a multi-step processing programming function, it can realize multi-step operations, complete one-time processing of multi-step parts, and improve production efficiency.
  3. Adopt the protection grid and the electrical box to interlock the life safety protection device.
  4. Adopt an advanced integrated hydraulic system, with good reliability.

Hydraulic Swing Beam shearing machine:

Shearing Machine

  1. Hydraulic transmission, Swing tool rest, the overall welding of the frame is sturdy and durable, and the return stroke of the accumulator cylinder is stable and fast.
  2. It has the function of stepless adjustment of the stroke. The upper knife has two blades, and the lower knife has four blades. The gap between the upper and lower blades is adjusted by the handle, and the uniformity of the blade gap is easy to adjust.
  3. The protective grille and electrical interlock ensure safe operation.
  4. The press plate of the machine tool adopts an independent hydraulic press, and each press has a plastic foot at the end.
  5. Numerical control system E20 of special shearing machine for back gauge. There is a digital display device for the number of shears.
  6. The rolling support device can not only reduce the frictional resistance but also ensure that the surface of the workpiece is not scratched.
  7. All-steel welded structure, vibration to eliminate stress, high strength, and good rigidity.
  8. Hydraulic upper transmission type, stable and reliable.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears:

  1. It adopts an integrally welded frame structure and undergoes vibration aging treatment. The machine tool has good rigidity, high precision, and good precision retention.
  2. Three-point support shaft rolling guide rail is adopted, and the upper tool rest rolls without the gap between the rolling guide rails, and the service life of the blade can be adjusted by turning the handwheel.
  3. The movable blade support and the four-edged long blade are convenient to adjust the uniformity of the blade gap, improve the cutting quality and prolong the service life of the blade.
  4. The series oil cylinder synchronization system is adopted, the machine tool is evenly stressed, and the shear angle can be easily adjusted by adjusting the flow rate of the series oil cylinder to meet the needs of different shear plate thicknesses.
  5. A motorized back gauge device and an electronic counter are used to facilitate the adjustment of the back gauge position.


  1. Flexible collocation, the high-efficiency shearing machine is a non-standard product, mainly by the manufacturer according to the actual production needs of users, providing a variety of optional accessories supporting equipment, efficient work, and can meet the individual needs of users.
  2. Green and environmental protection, intelligent operation shearing machine adopt high-precision components to form a hydraulic system, and Siemens, Schneider, and other international brand components form an electronic control system, with stable performance, compact structure, no noise during operation, and intelligent system, simple operation, almost no need Manual control, more worry and money.
  3. The frequency conversion drive, energy-saving, and power-saving shearing machine are equipped with a frequency converter or servo motor to drive production. The whole set of equipment runs stably, realizes step-less adjustment, and the user can adjust the running speed arbitrarily, with strong controllability.
  4. Compared with the hydraulic pendulum shearing machine, the hydraulic gate shearing machine has the advantages of high shearing accuracy, adjustable shearing angle, and long service life of the cutting edge. Compared with conventional products, hydraulic gate shears have three major features: use DTANG command to realize the display of shearing angle; realize the adjustment of knife edge gap and the difference compensation control of back gauge position; energy saving, noise reduction, and oil temperature control.
  5. The hydraulic gate shearing machine realizes the adjustment of the shearing angle through the rapid adjustment of the oil volume in the upper and lower chambers of the two working cylinders. For thin plates, a smaller shearing angle can be used to speed up the shearing speed and reduce the bending of the plate; for plates, a larger shear angle should be used. The signal of the shearing angle is collected from the linear displacement sensor. After the analog-to-digital conversion is performed on the collected analog signal through the expansion module, it is converted into an angle value through the DTANG instruction and displayed on the touch screen.


  1. It takes a lot of labor, about 3-4 people;
  2. Low quality;
  3. Long processing time;
  4. Cannot perform fine cutting or complex graphics processing;
  5. High total cost.

How to purchase shearing machine?

When purchasing, pay attention to the following points:

Determine the specifications and parameters of the purchased machine according to your demand parameters. At the same time, you must also take into account the demand after expanding the scale of the enterprise to leave a certain margin to determine the parameters of the machine. Especially for the shearing machine, for the required range of the material thickness of the sheared material, the size of the slitting machine, etc., after the model parameters of the machine are determined, you can contact the manufacturer to buy it.

Confirm which manufacturers produce the machine to be purchased. In this link, it is often the easiest to ignore, because no matter which manufacturer is contacted, basically the manufacturer will inform the professional manufacturer of this type of product. Different manufacturers produce models. Often different, manufacturers often provide various types of products by adjusting the goods. Therefore, users should pay special attention to choosing the one that suits them best.

After contacting several companies that produce machines and obtaining the price, parameters, payment, and delivery methods of the machines, the most important step is to choose the manufacturer to buy. Generally, a trusted manufacturer is selected after removing the highest and lowest prices, to obtain better cost performance and at the same time ensure quality and after-sales service.

Select several special manufacturers for comparison, and learn more about the usage of the machine tools purchased around, the quality of the machines, and especially the after-sales service. Considering various aspects, choose the manufacturer with the best price and the best service.

KRRASS Machine Tools. provides you with various types of shearing machines with excellent quality and reasonable prices. Since its establishment, the company has always adhered to the tenet of “customer-oriented, integrity first”, and has provided high-quality machine tool equipment and after-sales service for users from all walks of life with new concepts, stable quality, reasonable prices, and thoughtful services.

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