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What is cnc press brake?


To make things simpler for your understanding, let’s divide the term into two components. CNC refers to the computer numerical control and a press brake is a machine which is used in the manufacturing process.

Press brakes are high-performance machines used for bending sheets and plate material utilizing painting the metal between matching ‘punch’ and ‘die’ that results into the bending of small to large metal sheet sections which are generally used by the metal fabricators and in engineering workshops. In a sheet of varying thickness, a press brake can be used to bend out angles out of the sheet metal.

CNC press brake realizes its bending function by controlling Ram stroke and back gauge.

Ram stroke: RAM is typically the driving on the resisting component of a press brake which consists of both upper and lower rams.

Back Gauge: A back gauge is a tool that can be used to precisely position a piece of metal besides the back gauge can be configured to switch between bands and order to produce complex parts repeatedly. The main purpose of the back gauge is to interface with the brake press computer numerical control (CNC), moving along different axes in order so that a piece of metal can be positioned properly.

Why is it Called a Press Brake ?

cnc press brake

Back in the 15th-century “brake” was a term which referred to an instrument that was used for pounding or for crushing. Over time, the term brake was more widely associated with machines and manufacturing, as they were used to crush plant fibres, grains, and seeds. In the year of 1882, the first brake was invented, a manually operated leaf that was used to bent a piece of sheet metal into a straight line. The first occurrence of press can be traced back to the field of journalism, or used to squeeze the juice out of grapes and other fruits, and “press” evolved to mean a machine or a process which makes use of force to squeeze or exert force on the metal sheet to make it straight.

The very first press brakes were invented in the early 1920s, with flywheel-driven types of equipment.

And this emergence of the first press brake proved to be a pioneering step and therefore gave way to several different versions of hydro-mechanical and hydraulic press brakes in the 1970s and electric press brakes in the 2000s.

CNC Press Brake Machine Specifications

Before a CNC press brake is used there are a number of steps which are to be followed. We have to input the number of pieces required for bending as well as the bending angle for each step so that the CNC press brake will finish the bending process according to the steps that you just entered in the controller.

Many of the advanced CNC press brakes adopt hydroelectric servo system technology and grating ruler which can form closed-loop control and therefore provides high control accuracy as well as repositioning and bending accuracy.

CNC hydraulic bending machine is a great example which integrates numerical control technology, hydraulic technology, and servo.

The structure of the press brake is composed of a left and right upright plate, under which lies the worktable, and welded with the uprights are the fuel tanks and supporting bodies that improve the rigidity and strength of the frame.

CNC Press Brake Price in China.

Automatic CNC press brakes in China cost more than 25000USD-35000USD  and the prices depend upon the manufacturers and suppliers.

CNC Press Brake Machine Working

The CNC press brake accepts the sheet metal component flat blank at a given distance which is given by the programmable backstop, the point where the bend will be formed.

The distance that the programmable V blade that enters into the V block will be defining the angle achieved of the final bend, the further the V blade enters the V block the tighter the final V bend will be.

The final component is a combination of several bend lengths and angles which are generated by the CNC program that positions the sheet metal component blank at defined positions and at programmed angles.

The length of the CNC press brake bed defines the maximum length of sheet metal components that can be bent up. The greater the opening in the bottom V block, the larger the sheet metal gauge that can be bent for the same tonnage.

Used CNC Press Brake Benefits :

CNC press brakes have high precision, can control two-cylinder synchronization, high positioning accuracy combined with high bending accuracy.

They are equipped with the hydraulic automatic clamp which reduces the labor intensity and has efficiently improved the production process.

In order to meet the special needs of the fabrication process, the separated upper die can be assembled into specific widths following the workpiece requirement.

Used CNC press brake ensures good straightness and bending angle of the final products in the manufacturing process.

Used CNC press brake machine have a highly efficient controlling system along with the user-friendly interface which enables an operator to handle many machines at a single time.

CNC press brakes provide cost-effective solutions as per the requirements of the various industries depending upon the manufacturing process.

Where to buy CNC Press Brake in China

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