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What is a hydraulic shearing machine?

guillotine Shears

The hydraulic shearing machine is a machine that uses one blade to move the sheet in a straight line against another. It belongs to a type of forging machinery, the main role is the metalprocessing industry. Products are widely used in aviation, construction, ships, automobiles, electricpower, electrical appliances, decoration and other industries. Klaus as China’s top five shearing machine manufacturers, with exquisite metal processing technology and cutting technology, in this article, we will introduce the slothing machine knowledge.

How hydraulic shearing machine works

hydraulic shearing machine

After shearing the shear machine should be able to ensure the shear shear surface of the straight and parallel requirements, and minimize the plate distortion in order to obtain high-quality workpieces. The upper blade of the shearer is fixed to the tool holder and the lower blade is fixed to the workbench. The workbench is fitted with a topping ball so that the plate is not scratched when sliding on top. The rear stop material is used for plate positioning and the position is adjusted by the motor. The press cylinder is used to press the plate to prevent the plate from moving during shearing. Guardrails are safety devices to prevent work-related accidents. The return journey is generally dependent on nitrogen, fast and small impact

Performance and characteristics

1. the machine for the whole steel welding mechanism, hydraulic transmission, vibration to eliminate stress, machine strength, rigidity.

The hydraulic shearing machine is used by using the master cylinder (fixed to the wall plate) for downward shear motion, nitrogen cylinder return, thus simplifying the hydraulic system, more stable operation. The tool holder of the swinging plate cutter in the cutting process around a fixed axis for arc swing, through the leverage, the fulcrum force is small, can improve the shear edge life, machine life, the whole machine structure is compact, and can adjust the amount of travel on the knife frame without pole adjustment, greatly improve work efficiency.

2. CNC control system function (Netherlands Delem): full Chinese display, easy to operate.

The rear stop material device is adjusted for the motorized block, has one-way and two-way positioning function, can effectively eliminate the bar gap, has the function of retreating the material selection, avoids the interference of the stopper and workpiece, reduces the wear, improves the positioning accuracy, has the function of automatic or manual search reference point. With power-off position memory function, on-site protection of parameters, position and programs. With multi-step processing programming function, multi-step operation can be achieved, multi-step parts to complete one-time processing, improve production efficiency.

3. the use of protective grille and electrical box interlocking life safety protection device.

4. the use of advanced integrated hydraulic system, good reliability.

The above is about the board cutter related knowledge introduction, after reading this article, I believe that you have a certain understanding of the shearer, if you have any needs, please contact us, we will ask you around the clock service!

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