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W24S Professional profile bending machine

W24S Professional profile bending machine

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KRRASS High Standard Professional profile bending machine

KRRASS angle rolls support the largest capacity profile bending machines in the world!

With planetary moving bottom rolls, they can achieve faster, tighter bending with fewer passes, which results in reduced cycle times.

The angle bending machinery range is available in both CNC and NC with KRRASS specially developed auto learning software, which removes the need to do sacrificial test bends and therefore reduces scrap material and wasted production time.

If bending the largest profiles is a requirement, then look no further than the W24S Beam Roller from KRRASS.

W24S Professional profile bending machine

Standard Manual Drop-End

Optional Control Panel with digital read-out

Tailored-made Notching Machine

Angle Rolls standard specification

Technical Parameter

Technical parametersTube and Profile Rolling Machines
Maximum modulus of flexural section616304575100140180260320400500
Rolled plate speed654
The yield strengthS=450
Inside of Angle steelMaximum bending size(mm)40X570X880X890x10100X10120X12140X16150X16160X16180X14200X18200X20
Outside the Angle steel bend50X580X890X10100x10120X12140X16150X16160X16180X14200X18200X24250X25
Channel steel outside bend81216202528303236404550
Inside of channel steel81216202528303236404550
Flat steel flat bend100X18150X25180X25200x30220X40250X40280X50300X50330X50360X60400X75500X76
Flat steel bending50X1275X1690X20100x25110X40120X40150X40180X30190X40190X50200X50200X60
Circular tube42X476X4.589X589x8114X5159X5186X6168X8219X8245X8273X8323X10
Round bar385262758590100110120135150160
Square tube45X360X470X480x690X8100X10125X10140X10150X10165X10180X12200X12

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