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W11F Asymmetric 3-Rollers Plate Bending Machine

W11F Asymmetric 3-Rollers Plate Bending Machine

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KRRASS High Standard Asymmetric Plate Bedning Machine

W11F series plate bending machine adopts a strong electric welding structure, equipped with a super large steel roller. The side roller moves on a linear guide, bending the material near the tight point, thus ensuring that the device’s performance is comparable to that of the more expensive four-roller plate bending machine. In addition, the bending roll motion of the series three-roller plate bending machine ensures optimal traction. For asymmetric geometry and thin sheet, it can effectively prevent it from sliding during the pre-bending process.

W11F Asymmetric 3-Rollers Plate Bending Machine

Standard Manual Drop-End

Optional Control Panel with digital read-out

Tailored-made Plate Bending Machine

Standard Equipment

Optional features

Technical Parameter of Plate Bending Machine

ModelMax. Thickness of
Plate (mm)
Thickness (mm)
Max. Width of
Plate (mm)
Plate Yeild Limit (Mpa)Top Roller
Dia. (mm)
Bottom Roller
Dia. (mm)
Side Roller
Dia. (mm)
Main Motor (Kw)Dimension
W11F-2x1000 2210002451101101102.22000*700*11001000
W11F-2x1500 2215002451201201202.22500*700*11001200
W11F-2x2000 2220002451301301302.22950*700*10001450
W11F-3x1000 3310002451201201202.22000*700*11501050
W11F-3x1500 3315002451301301302.22500*670*10501150
W11F-4x1000 4410002451301301302.22100*800*11001300
W11F-4x1500 44150024513513513532600*800*11501600
W11F-4x2000 44200024515015015043150*700*11002000
W11F-6x1000 66100024514014014031950*700*10001500
W11F-6x1500 66150024515015015042660*800*12502200
W11F-6x2000 6620002451701701705.53150*800*13002600

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