Vertical V Grooving Machine

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HRK V Grooving Machine is specially used in top-grade architectural decoration industry, which consists of worktable, beam and sliding framework. Back gauge (Y-axis) is equipped with servo motor, ball screw and liner guide. Hydraulic clamp will hold plate move forward/backward with high accuracy. V-groove cutting along the top beam (X – axis) is driven by inverter gear motor, cutting speed adjustable. The blade holder up and down (Z-axis), depth of V-groove, is controlled by servo motor, can reach high accuracy. Hydraulic front clamping system and spray cutting cooling system can make the cutting slot even and smooth.

● HRK-type v groove machine is an upgrade of the traditional V groover, the machine has all the advantages of conventional models, but also combines the latest international V cutting machine technology, meet the actual needs of domestic customers.

● HRK-type V groove machine with automatic back gauge feeding structure, beams fixed and working table can be replaced, completely solve the problem of the worktable surface deformation, ensuring the table surface flatness of ± 0.03mm. the .cutting accuracy is improved.

● extend the life of the V groover. Owing to the adoption of carbon tool steel table, hardness after quenching is up to HRC55-60, surface hardness is greater than the hardness of stainless steel plate. so table wear is less, and there are two faces can change. It completely solved the table deformation because of low hardness surface.

● improve work efficiency. Using powerful gear motor on V cutting, two high speed Four alloy cutter, max groove depth can be up to 1.2mm thickness. Cutting efficiency than conventional models increased by 5 times. It’s the most developed V grooving machine.


  • CNC system – HUST , Taiwan
  • Servo motor – Panasonic , Japan
  • Hight-Precise Ball Screw-HINWIN ,Taiwan
  • Hight-Precise Linear Guide Rail-HINWIN ,Taiwan
  • Gear-rack drive-YYC,Taiwan
  • Touching Ball Bearing -NSK-Japan
  • Grooving Cutter-KORLOY,Korea
  • Electrical Element-AIRTAC-Taiwan
  • Air Cylinder-AIRTAC-Taiwan
  • Power Cable-IGUS,Germany


Blade with different material for cutting mild steel, brass, aluminum etc.

Taiwan Airtac Air valve

  • Water cups and oil cups are made of die-casting metal materials, which can prevent radiation and age, and can be used in open air for a long time;
  • This product can prevent most of the phenomenon that the cup cannot be used normally due to the high air pressure or plastic cup material problems;

Taiwan Hiwin linear guide

  • The linear guideway of Taiwan Shangyin is used to improve the accuracy of the machine tool.
  • Taiwan Shangyin linear guides can provide error compensation during height installation, thus making the equipment more accurate.

Taiwan Airtac valve

  • Sliding column structure, good sealing and sensitive response;
  • Three-position pneumatic valve has three intermediate functions to choose from;
  • Dual-head two-position air control with memory function;
  • The inner hole is processed by a special process, with low friction resistance, low starting air pressure and long service life;
  • No need for oil lubrication
    Can integrate the valve group with the base to save installation space;

Taiwan YYC High Precision Rack

Taiwan YYC / KH high-precision rack and pinion are used to improve the accuracy of planing and increase the life of the machine.

Taiwan HUST Motor Driver

  • HUST drive systems can be combined with motion control solutions provided by automation control software.
  • HUST drive system is more suitable for highly dynamic multi-axis motion drive.

Taiwan HUST CNC A60 Control

  • 15 inch CNC touch display
  • Acceleration / deceleration response time: 0.5US
  • With fallback function
  • PLC interrupt function: scan time is
  • Fixed at 10ms
  • Avoid collision

Knife holder

The tool holder uses a servo motor, which has a large moving torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.

Safety equipment

Front safety light curtain protection to ensure workers’ safety during operation

Four blades

Four blades improve trough work efficiency

Machine body

  • The fuselage is clamped once in steel after welding and processed by the CNC pentahedron machining center as a whole. The internal stress is eliminated by heat treatment and annealing to ensure extremely high rigidity and machining accuracy
  • The position of the slot is controlled by servo numerical control, and the double screw is synchronously driven, and the positioning is accurate to ensure the parallel height.

Clamping device

Pneumatic clamping to avoid plate indentation

Machine back

The back of the machine adopts a safety fence, which complies with EU CE safety standards.

Technical Parameters

No.ContentRequired ParameterRequired ParameterRequired ParameterRequired Parameter
2Plate Thickness0.4-6mm0.4-6mm0.4-6mm0.4-6mm
3Plate Length X Width1250x3200mm1500x3200mm1250x4000mm1500x4000mm
4Grooving Speed/Speed is changeable or not5M-70M/min ( The speed is changeable)5M-70M/min ( The speed is changeable)5M-70M/min ( The speed is changeable)5M-70M/min ( The speed is changeable)
5Feeding Speed0.5-20M/min0.5-20M/min0.5-20M/min0.5-20M/min
6Min. Setting Unit in X-axis0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
7Positioning Precision in X-axis±0.05mm±0.05mm±0.05mm±0.05mm
8Min. Setting Unit in Y-axis0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
9Positioning Precision in Y-axis±0.05mm±0.05mm±0.05mm±0.05mm
10Min. Setting Unit in Z-axis0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm0.01mm
11Positioning Precision in Z-axis±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm±0.03mm
12X-axis Motor Power4.5KW4.5KW4.5KW4.5KW
13Y-axis Motor Power1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW1.5KW
14Z-axis Motor Power0.4KW0.4KW0.4KW0.4KW
15Workbench Planeness±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm±0.02mm
16Feeding WayBack feedingBack feedingBack feedingBack feeding
17Workbench is replaceable or notReplaceable ( Exchangeable as well )Replaceable ( Exchangeable as well )Replaceable ( Exchangeable as well )Replaceable ( Exchangeable as well )
18Workbench is quenched or notYesYesYesYes
19Number of Cutter4 PCS4 PCS4 PCS4 PCS
20Max. Depth for one-time Grooving1.0mm1.0mm1.0mm1.0mm
21Max. Grooving Depth3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm3.0mm
22Cooling SprayerHaveHaveHaveHave
23Outline Dimension 5000*2500*2100mm 5000*2750*2100mm 5800*2500*2100mm 5800*2750*2100mm
24Weight 9500kg 10200kg 10500kg 11200kg

Bending sample

A selection of architectural applications for V-Grooving and folding

Hotel and restaurant detailing

V-Grooved and folded stainless steel creates the appearance of solid brass bar detail.

Exterior cladding detail

These decorative exterior panels are created using V-Grooved and folded PVD coloured stainless steel in Bronze. The edge-folds give depth and the look of a solid material.

Elevator interiors

This elevator cab interior is created from panels with V-Grooved and folded edges.

Wall cladding systems

Cladding panels are V-Grooved and folded to create a depth to wall panels. For close butting-up the V-Grooving and folding allows for a visually seamless effect.

Elevator entry areas

Button panels, cladding panels and trims are created from V-Grooved and folded metals.

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