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What is vertical v groover machine?

Veritcal Grooving Machine for China

Vertical V Groover Machine is full CNC sheet metal grooving machine. It adopts advanced CNC system with innovative design. It has high processing precision, no noise, no vibration and is easy to operate. This machine is used for V-groove, U-groove and other irregular grooves on sheet metal parts (including stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, copper plate, iron plate, glue board, acrylic plate and some other special plates.) It is especially suitable for V-groove processing before bending of sheet metal parts.

Grooving is an auxiliary process for sheet metal or other metal bending. When sheet metal or other metal need to be bent, the V grooving machine use special knife to work out V groove, so that the material can be easily bent and formed, and the outer R of the bending angle can be minimized. Then bent manually or by press brake for forming. This method is processed to complete and meet the product appearance requirements.

Structure and function of Vertical V Groover Machine:

Vertical V Groover Machine

  • The Vertical V Groover Machine adopts all-steel welding, eliminates internal stress by vibration aging.The strength, rigidity and stability of the machine exceed those of the same products at home and abroad.
  • It adopts rear feeding structure, ingenious design of universal ball, which makes the machine do not damage the surface of the sheet during feeding and discharging.
  • It adopts the processing technology of three forming knives in the front and back greatly reduces the iron filings generated during processing, and the processing accuracy is also greatly improved compared with the traditional five knives. Because the five knives process the bottom of the groove, there may be multiple bottom lines.
  • It adopts fully pneumatic clamping, pressing, and fast work, so that the processed products have no clamping marks and indentations, and the whole working process is tracked and blown. The lighting system in the work area is even more extreme.
  • It adopts high-speed alloy steel gear rack, large pitch ball screw, and high-precision, silent linear guide. The spindle system is driven by a high-torque servo motor equipped with an imported star reducer. It makes the tool holder more stable and faster when machining workpieces.
  • The worktable adopts high-strength plate as base surface, so that the worktable is not easy to be worn when processing. And the table top and the fuselage workpiece are movable and adjustable, so that the distance accuracy from the tool tip to each point of the table top is guaranteed to be about 0.02mm.
  • The machine adopts PLC man-machine interface programming. The operator is easy to learn and understand, and the positioning is accurate.
  • The clamping and pressing are all pneumatically controlled. This makes the machine reach a high point in the concept of energy saving and environmental protection.
  • The overall shape of the machine is simple, generous and beautiful, and the frame structure is adopted, which conforms to the operating habits of various technicians, so that the operators can fully meet the production and technical requirements during work.

Features and performance:

  • For performance, its stability can be found in the process of using the planer, and its accuracy can also be found in positioning, and the efficiency is also quite high, saving a lot of time and energy. The V grooving machine adopts Taiwan HUST CNC Controller, Servo Motor-Panasonic,Japan, Hight-Precise Ball Screw-HIWIN ,Taiwan Hight-Precise Linear Guide Rail-HIWIN ,Taiwan Gear-rack drive-YYC, Taiwan Touching Ball Bearing -NSK-Japan, Grooving Cutter-KORLOY,Korea Electrical Element-AIRTAC-Taiwan, Air Cylinder-AIRTAC-Taiwan and Power Cable-IGUS,Germany.
  • The machine tool is welded with high-strength steel plates, which are heat-treated, heat-insulated and tempered to eliminate welding stress, with high strength, no deformation of the body, and good stability.

  • The processed workpiece is fed from the front end, hydraulically clamped, and pressed by a hydraulic pressure plate, with a high degree of automation and convenient and fast operation.

  • The working surface is independently adjustable, and its cutting accuracy can be controlled within 0.02mm.

  • The tool rest is driven by servo, with large moving torque, fast acceleration and deceleration, accurate positioning and high efficiency.

  • The main shaft is driven by rack and pinion, with strong rigidity and low resistance, which greatly improves energy efficiency and saves energy.

  • The grooving position adopts servo numerical control positioning, double screw synchronous transmission, accurate positioning and good parallelism.


According to different design concepts, V grooving machines are divided into Vertical V Groover Machine and horizontal V grooving machine. The following summarizes some of the advantages of vertical V grooving machines compared to horizontal grooving machines:

  • Accuracy advantage: The depth of grooving is directly related to the effect of the corner. If the depth error reaches 0.05mm, the bending position R is obviously inconsistent. When the vertical V grooving machine is working, the knife to the table is fixed to run in a straight line, and the distance accuracy from the tool tip to the table is controlled within the range of 0.02mm. When the horizontal grooving machine is working, the knife faces a platform with a width of 1.5 meters and a length of more than 4 meters. It is difficult to control the accuracy within the range of 0.1mm.

  • Loss of electrical energy: when the Vertical V Groover Machine is working, the tool rest part does reciprocating motion, and its weight is about 60kg. When the horizontal V grooving machine is working, the gantry and the tool rest part do back and forth motion together, and its weight is about 1000kg. Its energy loss is more than 10 times that of the vertical V grooving machine, so the vertical V grooving machine is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly device.

  • Advantages of the processing range: The Vertical V Groover Machine has more than a dozen independent pressure plates and more than a dozen independent clamps to automatically clamp the plate. No matter the size of the plate, it can be processed easily, and it can be grooved horizontally and vertically. The minimum workpiece is 80*80mm. The horizontal V grooving machine is only suitable for planing grooves for large sheets. After longitudinal planing, the sheet material is deformed and cannot be clamped horizontally, resulting in horizontal V grooving machines.

  • Advantages of processing technology: The working table of the vertical V grooving machine is made of high-quality die steel as a whole after heat treatment and then finely ground by a grinding machine, and the surface fineness reaches the effect of mirror surface. The work surface of the gantry V grooving machine is welded by ordinary iron plates. The hardness of the stainless steel plate is higher than that of it. The planed wire and the damaged blade make the surface pitted. This is why the processed product is speckled.

  • Advantages of installation: The vertical V grooving machine is welded by steel plates, with high strength, stable and quiet operation. It only needs to be leveled and installed on a flat and solid cement floor to be able to work stably, and it is very convenient to relocate and hoist. Due to the high-speed operation of the horizontal V grooving machine, the impact force is large, and the platform needs to be adjusted.

  • Safety advantage: The vertical V grooving machine automatically clamps the workpiece by hydraulic pressure, automatically locates and works automatically, and the operator is far away from the moving parts of the machine tool. The horizontal V grooving machine clamps the workpiece within the range of motion of the machine tool. The gantry moves at high speed, and the control part runs together with the gantry. It is easy to cause personal injury to the operator, and there is a great potential safety hazard.


CNC V grooving machine (stainless steel V grooving machine) is suitable for various fields of various industries, such as aerospace, interior decoration, automotive sheet metal, publicity signs, wind communication industry and electric appliance industry, etc. It is designed and manufactured according to the needs of the decoration industry, elevator manufacturing and other industries. It can carry out V-shaped planing for stainless steel sheets, iron plates, copper plates and other materials. The new metal sheet planing machine is equipped with some special Special accessories can also be used for grinding, polishing and wire drawing of metal sheets and profiles. Some special workpieces cannot be bent into a shape by a bending machine, or a specially designed complex mold is used to complete the product, but the depth of the V-shaped groove of the metal sheet can be controlled by the CNC stainless steel grooving machine. This special bending material can also be bent and formed on a common bending machine with a general mold.

Why do you choose vertical V grooving machine?

Nowadays, routers need to be used in many places, so where does the hardware come from? Its hydraulic pump is foreign, and the coaxial double pump is used at the same time. There is also a separate hydraulic system for the pressure plate and the clamp. The pressure and speed of the CNC V grooving machine can be adjusted separately. The computer centrally controls the work of the pressure plate and the clamp. Only when the material is pressed and clamped, the oil pump motor starts, and its energy consumption is only similar 50% of the product is suitable for V/U-shaped grooving of high-density boards in various specifications.

  • The CNC V grooving machine feeds in both directions, and completes the cardboard grooving process in parallel longitudinally and laterally.

  •  The frequency conversion speed regulation is adopted, and the working table is adjusted up and down, which makes the operation convenient and comfortable.

  • The characteristics of this machine are the advantages of high V groove precision, fast speed, small model and convenient operation.

  • Groover on the reverse side to make the paper dust fall under the table, and use the suction mechanism to suck the paper dust into the cloth bag to keep the working environment in good condition.

  • The compact body of the stainless steel planer is beautiful, fast, and meets the relevant packaging standards.

In general bending processing, a larger arc is left at the bend, and the thicker the processed sheet, the larger the arc is. The existence of this larger arc angle affects the overall appearance of the product. In order to solve this problem, Nanjing Krrass launched a series of CNC sheet metal V-grooving machines with a new design concept. This series of products has high processing precision, easy operation, stable and reliable operation. It is used for V-groove processing on stainless steel, ordinary iron plate, copper and other plates, especially suitable for V-groove processing before bending.

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