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Vertical V Gooving Machine HRK-2000X4200 installed in Saudi Arabia

Vertical V Gooving Machine in Saudi Arabia

Lean, green, simple machine!

Our team at KRRASS is honored to be chosen as a partner for a furniture manufacturer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, to help meet and exceed their precision forming/cutting needs. This machine brings incredible productivity to our customers!


There’s no better partner, than KRRASS!

This vertical v grooving machine is equipped with 4 blades. The width of the groove is 2000mm and the length is 4200mm.

Vertical V Gooving Machine HRK-2000X4200 in Saudi Arabia
Vertical V Gooving Machine HRK-2000X4200 in Saudi Arabia

Main Technical Parameters:

No. Content Required Parameter
1 Model HRK2000-4000
2 Plate Thickness 0.4-6mm
3 Plate Length X Width 2000x4000mm
4 Grooving Speed/Speed is changeable or not 5M-70M/min ( The speed is changeable)
5 Feeding Speed 0.5-20M/min
6 Min. Setting Unit in Y-axis 0.01mm
7 Positioning Precision in Y-axis ±0.05mm
8 Min. Setting Unit in X-axis 0.01mm
9 Positioning Precision in X-axis ±0.05mm
10 Min. Setting Unit in Z-axis 0.01mm
11 Positioning Precision in Z-axis ±0.02mm
12 X-axis Motor Power 4.5KW
13 Y-axis Motor Power 2KW
14 Z-axis Motor Power 0.4KW
15 Workbench Planeness ±0.01mm
16 Feeding Way Back feeding
17 Workbench is replaceable or not Replaceable ( Exchangeable as well )
18 Workbench is quenched or not Yes
19 Number of Cutter 4 PCS
20 Max. Depth for one-time Grooving 1.0mm
21 Max. Grooving Depth 3.0mm
22 Outline Dimension  5800*3250*2100mm
23 Weight  11600kg

Main Configuration of the machine:

No. Name Manufacturer Name
1 CNC Controller Mitsubishi – Japan
2 Servo Motor Easycat – Taiwan
3 Servo Drive Easycat – Taiwan
4 Speed Reducer AMD- Taiwan
5 High-precise Ball Screw AMD- Taiwan
6 High-precise Linear Guide Rail HIWIN – Taiwan
7 Touching Ball Bearing NSK – Japan
8 Grooving Cutter SECO – Sweden
9 Electrical Element Schneider – France
10 Power Cable IGUS – Germany
11 Rack YYC – Taiwan
12 Gear YYC – Taiwan

This v grooving machine is equipped with a Japanese Mitsubishi controller, which is easy to operate and has high precision. Installation and use are guided on-site by our engineers. Greatly improve the performance of the machine.


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