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The Ultimate Guide to Sheet Metal V Grooving Machine

Veritcal Grooving Machine for China

What is the use of groover in sheet metal work?

Groover, also called V groover, V grooving machine. It is a machine for scribing and slot V-shaped grooves at the positions where metal plates need to be bent.

This can reduce the bending radius and make the sheet metal workpiece more beautiful.

It applies to industries requiring high-precision plate processing, such as elevators, packaging materials, stainless steel processing, household appliances, props display, etc.

V Grooving Technique

With the development of the economy, places like hotels, restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, and airports have a growing demand for the bend forming of metal decorative materials in middle and high-grade decoration, such as:

  • The bending radius of the workpiece should be small;
  • The bending angle of the workpiece bending with stainless steel titanium plate or other colored metal plates cannot have great color changes;
  • No obvious color difference;
  • The curved section of the workpiece is more complicated;
  • It can reflect the unique style of the designer.

Traditional bending methods such as forced bending, free bending, and even three-point bending have been unable to meet the above requirements.

In other words, bending the metal sheet with a press brake alone can not meet the design requirements of the designer, and can not reach the grade and decorative effect of middle and high-grade decoration.

Therefore, a novel bending technique is developed, which is: V-groove bending technology.

What is the fabrication process of V-groove bend forming?

To put it simply, it is:

Adopt V-grooving (or V cut) method on the metal sheet first, then bend the grooved sheet metal into various angles and shapes by pressing the brake with general mold or special mold.

Such a curved workpiece can meet the special needs of high-end decoration in hotels, restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls, banks and airports.

V grooving bend forming technology

The main equipment of v-groove bending technology is a press brake and sheet metal V-groover (also called a V-grooving machine).

The press brake is a traditional plate bending machine, and the thin plate V-grooving machine is a new type of sheet metal processing machinery, which is the key equipment of V-cut bending technology.

To better understand the press brake machine, you can refer to The Ultimate Guide to Press Brake.

So, what is a sheet metal V-grooving Machine?

What is a V-grooving machine?

V-groover, also called CNC V-Cutting Machine, V-grooving Machine.

It’s mainly used to realize a certain depth V-cutting of stainless steel plate, ordinary steel plate, aluminum plate, copper plate, and composite plate under 4mm before bend forming.

The workpiece produced with such a technique has a small bending radius, no obvious color changes, small bending force requirements, etc.

Besides, it reduces the straightness error of the round edge of narrow long workpieces, and the common press brake and toolings can be used to bend the workpiece with complicated section shapes.

V-grooving machines are widely used in stainless steel decoration, elevator, security doors, and cabinet industries.

Before the special V-grooving equipment is designed, the workshop generally uses the planer to make a V-shaped groove for metal sheet material.

Since the planer doesn’t have an effective metal sheet pressing device, the V-grooving depth of the metal sheet and the positioning distance of the V groove cannot be precisely controlled.

Besides, the planer has high energy consumption and low efficiency.

At present, the work of V-grooving for metal sheets has been replaced by the metal sheet V-grooving machine

The new type of metal sheet grooving machine is designed and manufactured according to the special needs of the middle and high-end decoration industry and elevator manufacturing industry.

It can make V-shaped grooves for materials such as stainless steel sheets, iron plates, and copper plates.

If some specially dedicated accessories are installed, the metal sheet V-grooving machine can also be used for grinding, polishing, and drawing metal sheet materials and profiles.

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