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V grooving machine for sheet metal foundation inspection

Veritcal Grooving Machine for China

V grooving machine for sheet metal is the basis for carrying out condition monitoring and fault diagnosis. It mainly includes the following: First, determine how many maintenance points a v grooving machine for sheet metal has, and analyze this equipment scientifically to find out what may happen As long as you check these maintenance points, you will find faults in time.

v grooving machine for sheet metal

I. Calibration
For each maintenance point, standards must be formulated one by one, such as clearance, temperature, pressure, flow rate, tightness, etc., and there must be clear quantitative standards, as long as the specified standards are not exceeded, it is not a fault.

II. Regular
How often to check, the inspection cycle must be determined. Some points may be checked several times per shift, and some points may be checked once every few months, depending on the specific situation.

III. Fixed items
Each maintenance point should also be clearly specified what items to check, each point may check one or several items.

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