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v grooving machine for sheet metal

Veritcal Grooving Machine for China

During the operation the v grooving machine, be careful and cautious, fasten the work clothes and fasten the clothes, avoid the knife edge, do not touch the moving parts by hand, and do not touch the buttons at will to ensure the safety of production.

Make sure that the oil level of the exposed oil cup is appropriate when starting up, and then start the drive at a low speed to observe whether the rolling is abnormal. Wait until the transmission department is completely lubricated and the v grooving machine rolls without abnormal sounds to increase the working speed. If a fault occurs, stop the machine and inspect it immediately.

v grooving machine

  1. Often check whether each component is worn or does not meet the requirements, and repair or replace it in time if necessary.
    (1) Ensure the oil level in the v grooving machine oil tank, and drip frequently.
    (2) The refueling slider of the feeder is refueled once per shift.
  2. Block the power before adjusting the device. First, pay attention to concentration during working hours, strictly abide by the operating procedures, and achieve safe homework.

After the production is completed, the machine is shut down according to the designated procedure, and then the shearing machine blocks the power supply. Minor adjustment to prevent damage to the knife edge.

Keep the shafts clean and often wipe them with oil.

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