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V Grooving Machine and Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Singapore

Singapore customer Factory

Singapore is a Star Island, also known as the Lion City. It is an island country in Southeast Asia. Singapore is one of the Four Asian Tigers and ranks first in the implementation of urban infrastructure recommendations.

Today our engineers came to the customer’s factory in Singapore to install and train the V grooving Machine and fiber laser cutting machine for the customer. A two-day training session for our engineers in Singapore.

On the first day, our engineers trained them on the slotting machine, from the use and maintenance of the V Groover to on-site use, tested their products, and conducted technical briefings with their engineers. They are very satisfied with the machine.

The next day, the engineer began training on the laser cutting machine, covering the use and maintenance of the laser cutting machine, parameter adjustment, how to better use the cutting machine, and on-site trial cutting. The results were very satisfactory.

After two days of training, the customer was very satisfied with the KRRASS machine. The machine arrived at the site and was only trained on how to use it. The installation was very simple and accurate, and there was no need to adjust it at the time. This trip increased the interaction between the customer and KRRASS. The customer’s feelings increased and they said that they will continue to add KRRASS equipment in the future. and maintain long-term cooperation.


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