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Precautions for safe operation of V Groover Machine

Vertical V Groover Machine

Now there are more and more V Groover Machine in the market, CNC V Groover Machine, stainless steel V Groover Machine, let’s talk about CNC planer today. How to use it, what should be noticed? And what are its characteristics!
When using the CNC V Groover Machine, the operator should pay attention to the following points, so that the operator will not be harmed, and the time of using it can be greatly increased by several years.

1. It must be used by relevant operators, even if you have just learned, you must have relevant staff to help you, and it must be cleaned after use, so as to increase the service life.
2. The personnel who use it must pass the examination, and can only operate after obtaining the qualification certificate after training.
3. The operators who operate it should wear long-sleeved clothes and wear long-sleeved gloves to protect their arms.
4. When operating it, check whether there is slag inside the machine and keep nothing in the middle of the knife distance to avoid falling and hurting people.
5. When you are operating, you should read the drawing clearly and plan the depth of the groove according to the requirements of others.
6. The staff should be careful during use. Keep the body away from the machine when it is in use, so as not to hurt yourself.
7. When an unexpected situation occurs when joining the machine, stop, return to the fixed position, and let the maintenance staff work after the repair.
8. When the work is finished, disconnect the power supply, and then perform daily maintenance and maintenance.


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