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The working principle and cautions of Hydraulic Shearing Machine

KRRRASS QC11K Guillotine Shears RAS-8X4000-DA310S

Shearing machines belong to one of the forging machinery, it is mainly used in the metal processing industry, using a blade relative to another blade for reciprocating linear motion to shear plate. Hydraulic Shearing machine uses a reasonable blade gap to apply shear force to the various thickness of the metal plate by moving the upper blade and fixed blade, so that the plate crack and separate according to the required size .

Shearing machine classification

1. According to the power principle, shearing machine can be divided into: mechanical shearing machine and hydraulic shearing machine.

  • Mechanical shearing machine adopts resistance key form clutch structure and open gear transmission, and adopts more advanced electrical operation, all-steel welding structure is simple. Mechanical shearing machine is easy to operate, and mechanical shearing machine has beautiful appearance, low energy consumption.
  • Hydraulic shearing machine has beautiful appearance, excellent performance and stable quality. Hydraulic shearing machine uses reasonable blade clearance by moving the upper blade and fixed blade. The shear force of hydraulic shearing machine is applied to shear the metal plate of various thicknesses, and make the plate to broke and separate according to the required size.
2. According to the motion mode of the upper blade, shearing machine can be divided into: swing beam shearing machine and guillotine shearing machine.

3. According to the mode of operation, shearing machine can be divided into: ordinary shearing machine and CNC shearing machine.

  • Ordinary shearing machine is a mechanical operation that needs manual operation.
  • CNC shearing machine generally uses a general or special computer to achieve digital program control, which is usually controlled by the position angle, speed and other mechanical quantities and switching quantities related to the flow of mechanical energy. The production of CNC shearing machine depends on the appearance of data carrier and binary data operation.

The working principle of the shearing machine

After the shearing of the KRRASS shearing machine, it should be able to ensure the straightness and parallelism of the shearing surface of the plate, and minimize the distortion of the plate to obtain high-quality workpieces. The upper blade of the shearing machine is fixed on the knife rest and the lower blade is fixed on the working table. A supporting ball is installed on the working table so that the sheet material will not be scratched when sliding on it. The back stop is used for plate fixing, and the position is adjusted by the motor. The press cylinder is used to press the plate to prevent it from moving during shearing by shearing machine. The guardrail is a safety device to prevent work-related accidents. The return trip of shearing machine generally relies on nitrogen, which is fast and has little impact.

Cautions of using shearing machine

  1. Start the idling operation of the shearing machine for several cycles. Then under normal circumstances, shear plate of different thickness , from thin to thick to test the shearing machine.
  2. The gap between different blades must be adjusted when cutting plates of different thickness by shearing machine. If the corresponding blade clearance is not adjusted, the blade durability of shearing machine will be affected.
  3. During the shearing process, turn on the pressure gauge of shearing machine and observe the oil circuit pressure. When cutting a 12mm plate by shearing machine , the pressure should be less than 20MPa.
  4. When there is sound in operation, stop and check.
  5. When the shearing machine is operated, the temperature of the oil tank is less than 60℃, and the shearing machine should be shut down and rest if the temperature is more than 60℃.

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