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Tanzanian engineers visited the KRRASS factory to order a 320 Tons CNC Press Brake

Tanzanian engineers visited the KRRASS factory thumb

On June 10th, Tanzanian customer Ahmed visited KRRASS factory. Before visiting, Ahmed learned that KRRASS is a factory with more than 20 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of sheet metal bending machines, exporting to more than 120 countries, committed to the development of RAS series of new hydraulic press brake and APB series CNC press brake and other projects.Ahmed said he has always wanted to visit the KRRASS factory in person, and this time finally had the opportunity to visit our factory in person and see our factory’s scale and working process.

Tanzanian engineers visited the KRRASS factory

Ahmed, accompanied by his assistant and the General Manager of KRRASS, visited our production and assembly shop. As an engineer, Ahmed knows a lot about the press brake and is very familiar with every component of the press brake. After visiting our factory and getting to know every detail of our production and assembly, Ahmed said that we handled every detail of the bending machine very well. He has also visited other factories and said that he is most satisfied with our factory and very assured about our production technology. So he placed an order of CNC press brake immediately, which model is MB8-320T3200mm, 4+1 axis with DELEM DA53T system.

Advantages of KRRASS press brake:

  1. More than 20 years of experience in sheet metal bending machine development and manufacturing.
  2. The supporting equipment and the production process is complete.
  3. With a relatively perfect quality system, product quality is strictly controlled.
  4. Exporting EU CE, SGS, ISO9001 certification.
  5. Two years warranty, after-sales guarantee, one-to-one after-sales service support.
  6. The new industrial design combines modern aesthetic concepts, high-quality production processes, and simple appearance.
  7. Energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, low noise, import configuration, stable and reliable.

KRRASS: the best choice for
all sheet metal processing manufacturers

When considering the overall costs of purchasing, maintaining, and operating a sheet metal equipment setup, a sheet metal fabrication service: KRRASS brand is your best choice. KRRASS has a tremendous reputation in the market due to its focus on consistency and quality at the most competitive price.
Whether it’s CNC press brake or any other application equipment, our team of experts has the right combination of industry knowledge and the latest tool to provide you with the best products and services on the market. Moreover, we set ourselves apart with our advanced system that is completely online. Just let us know what your product needs, request a quote, and start the process.
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