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stainless steel cnc v grooving machine How much do you know?


We often come into contact with stainless steel cnc v grooving- machine, so how much do we know about it? Few people want to know about it, we can look at the following articles to strengthen our understanding of it in case we need it from time to time.

1. The motor adopts a programmable controller as required
2. The hydraulic system is controlled by a cartridge valve or slide valve system with priority technology, and a hydraulic machine with centralized button operation
3. its pressure, speed and stroke can be adjusted according to the needs of the process, and can complete two processes: press molding and shaping.

Use of stainless steel cnc v grooving- machine

1. Without learning, do not understand the machine structure, performance and operating procedures are not allowed to start the machine without authorization.
2. The lubrication points of the machine should be filled with lubricating oil at least once per shift.
3. Add the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank, and strictly use high-quality anti-wear hydraulic oil. It must be strictly filtered, and it should always maintain a sufficient amount of oil. When it is insufficient, fill with oil.
4. The oil tank should be cleaned and replaced once every six months, but the first time the cleaning and filtering oil is not allowed to pass for one month, and the new oil that has been used once is strictly allowed to be used again after being strictly filtered.
5. When there is a serious oil leak or an abnormal phenomenon occurs in the work, the Nantong shearing machine should be stopped, the cause should be analyzed and the fault should be eliminated, and it should not be forced to operate with illness.
6. During the operation or packing of the machine, do not repair or touch the moving parts with your hands. It is strictly forbidden to press the materials in the bin with your hands or feet.
7, stainless steel cnc v grooving- machine pump, valve, pressure gauge adjustment must be carried out by experienced staff, if the pressure gauge is found to be defective, it should be inspected or replaced with a new pressure gauge.


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