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Technical Training for Singapore Customers by KRRASS on CNC Press Brake

Free Technical Training for Singapore Customers by KRRASS on CNC Press Brake

On June 4th, KRRASS technical engineer Ming flew to Singapore to give our Singapore customers three days of free technical training.Previously, Singapore customer purchased a “PBS-320T3200 DA53T 4+1” CNC Press Brake from KRRASS. The customer had many doubts about the operation of this series of bending machines,so KRRASS decided to send our technical engineers to Singapore to give customers a systematic explanation and skills training.

Firstly, engineer Ming explained the characteristics of PBS series automatic press brake in detail, and then introduced the main components and performance parameters of the press brake .On this basis, Ming described the correct use procedures and precautions of this series of press brake , and it is emphasized that we must pay attention to the safety during use and operation according to regulations, so as not to cause damage to people and machines.

The customer thanked KRRASS for its timely after-sales service and free technical support, and said they were looking forward to long-term cooperation in the future.

Attached: Precautions for the use of press brake

Safety operation rules

  1. Keep strictly to the terms of the the safety operation rules of machine tool workers, wear labor protection equipment according to regulations.
  2. Check carefully whether the motor,switch,line and GND is normal and firm before starting.Check all the control parts of the equipment, whether the button is in the correct position.
  3. Check the contact ratio and sturdiness of the bolster.Check whether the positioning devices meet the requirements of processing.
  4. When the upper slide and each positioning axis are not in the state of origin, run back to the original program.
  5. After starting,let the equipment run freely for 1~2 minutes and let the upper sliding block move 2~3 times.If find abnormal sound or fault you should stop immediately and remove the trouble,then work only when everything is normal.
  6. The operation should be commanded by one person ,so that the operator and the feeding and pressing personnel can coordinate well.Only when everyone are in a safe position can you send bending signals.
  7. The sheet material must be compacted when bending, in case of the cocked sheet hurting people while bending .
  8. The power supply must be cut off when adjusting the mould, and operated after the machine is shut down.
  9. When changing the opening of the variable down mould, do not let the material contact the down mould.
  10. Do not stand behind the machine while it’s working.
  11. Prohibit press and fold sheet material at one side alone.
  12. When the workpiece or mould is not at the right place during operation, stop and correct it.Prohibit manual correction in operation to prevent hand injury.
  13. It is forbidden to fold ultra-thick iron plate or quenched steel plate, high-grade alloy steel, square steel and plate material which is out of performance range of the press brake, so as to avoid damage to machine.
  14. Check the overlap ratio of upper and down mould frequently and whether the indication of pressure gauge meets the requirements.
  15. Shut down the machine immediately while it’s abnormal , check and eliminate in time.
  16. Before shutdown,place the block on the down mould which below the oil cylinder on both sides, decline the upper slide onto the block.
  17. First exit the control system program, then cut off the power supply.

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