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Precautions of metal laser cutting machine cutting sheet metal

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

When using sheet metal laser cutting machine equipment, the cutting surface near the focus is relatively smooth, do you know how the sheet metal laser cutting machine focus is positioned? The first step in cutting is to find a good focus, which is a topic that everyone cares about. First of all, let’s learn together how to position the focus.

In fiber optic sheet metal laser cutting machine, the surface of the workpiece has different smoothness, while the lower surface away from the cutting focus appears rough. This mode should be based on the process requirements of the upper and lower surfaces in practice. Position the focus above the cutting material and keep the light spot diameter consistent throughout the processing area as the machine workbench moves or the optical axis moves. The beam from the near end to the far end axis also moves at the same time, mainly because the thick plate needs a large cut, otherwise the oxygen delivered by the nozzle is very prone to lead to insufficient results and cause the cutting temperature to drop.

Since the focus is far away from the cutting surface, it is the shaft that controls the distance from the nozzle to the surface of the material, which are two separate parts of each other. This method is mainly used in the cutting thickness of high materials, this way is the disadvantage is that the cutting surface is relatively rough, not really used for high precision cutting. The cut is relatively larger than the cutting point on the surface of the workpiece, and the cutting air flow required in this mode is larger, the temperature is sufficient, and the cutting perforation time is slightly longer. So when you select the material of the workpiece is mainly stainless steel or aluminum and other hard materials when selected.

4000W Metal Laser Cutting Machine

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