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Sheet Metal Cutter Machine Maintenance and Care

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1.Sheet Metal Cutter Machine Strictly abide by operation rules;

2.Cutter Machine Regularly, fixed point and quantitatively add lubrication oil according to the lubrication chart before starting machine, ensuring the oil clean without precipitation.

3.Cutter Machine Keep machine clean and the unpainted part coated with anti-rust grease;

4.Cutter Machine The lubricating oil in the motor bearing shall be regularly replaced and filled, and the normal and safe operation of the electrical part shall be regularly checked;

5.Cutter Regularly check whether the triangle belt, handle, knob and key are damaged, and replace them in time if the wear is serious, and report to spare parts for supplement;

6.Sheet Metal Cutter Regularly check and repair switches, insurance and handles to ensure their reliability;

7.Sheet Metal Cutter Lubricate and scrub the machine tool ten minutes before the end of work every day;

8.It is strictly prohibited for non-designated personnel to operate the equipment.

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