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Sheet metal bending process demand for hydraulic bending machine


The hydraulic bending machine is a machine that uses the sheet metal bending process generated by the cylinder to bend the parts to be bent. Under the same hydraulic pressure, the target bending angle of the bending material will be affected by the thickness and width of the material and the mold specifications. Therefore, ordinary bending dial in the bending machine that displays the output hydraulic pressure of the cylinder cannot accurately indicate the actual bending angle. When a large number of high-precision bending parts need to be bent, this ordinary hydraulic bending machine cannot meet the accuracy requirements, so expensive CNC bending machines are used.

sheet metal bending process

Sheet metal bending process requirements for hydraulic press brakes:

  1. The slider of the press drives the upper mold to reciprocate vertically relative to the lower mold to bend the sheet to form a certain bending angle (or arc);
  2. The movement of the back gauge mechanism ensures that the center line of the bending angle (or arc) has the correct position relative to the edge of the sheet.

The basic function of the CNC bending machine is to realize the bottom dead center control of the slider movement to ensure the automatic positioning of the bending angle and the back gauge mechanism.

The hydraulic bending machine includes an equipment frame and an oil cylinder. The oil cylinder has an oil cylinder top rod. The cylinder top rod reciprocates relative to the equipment frame along the stroke direction of the oil cylinder. It also includes a control assembly. The control assembly includes a position sensor that is used to detect the top of the cylinder. Whether the rod moves to the preset position, the position sensor is electrically connected to the oil cylinder, and when the top rod of the oil cylinder is at the preset position, the position sensor controls the oil cylinder to stop running.

The hydraulic press brake uses a position sensor to detect the displacement of the cylinder top rod. When the cylinder top rod moves to a certain preset position, the position sensor stops the cylinder top rod from moving by stopping the cylinder operation, so that the hydraulic bending machine will wait. The bending piece is bent to a certain angle, so that the bending angles of the multiple pieces to be bent are all the same when bending in batches.

It also includes an adjustment mechanism, which is placed in the equipment frame and connected to the position sensor for changing the position of the position sensor relative to the equipment frame along the stroke direction of the cylinder.

The adjustment mechanism moves the position sensor, and by changing the position of the position sensor, the preset position used to detect the cylinder jack is also changed accordingly. The control assembly can change the position of the cylinder jack to stop as needed. Thereby changing the bending angle of the piece to be bent.

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