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Sheet Metal Bending Machine -How to standardize operations 

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Sheet Metal Bending Machine -How to standardize operations 

Application scope:

Sheet Metal Bending Machine  and sheet metal bending machine sale

Sheet Metal Bending Machine and sheet metal bending machine sale Operation procedures:

First, turn on power and key switch on the panel, then start the oil pump, you will hear the sound caused by the pump rotation.

Stroke adjustment, pay attention to stroke adjustment, before putting in use, test running is necessary. When the upper die travel down, reserving certain clearance of the plate thickness, otherwise, it will damage the die and machine. Stroke adjustment consists of two steps: quick electric adjusting and manual fine tuning.

Notch selection, generally select the notch with 8 times width of the plate. For example, if the plate width is 4mm. you need to select 32mm notch.

Backgauge adjustment method is same as the press brake, namely, generally including quick electric adjusting and manual fine tuning

Stamping down the pedal switch start bending work, which is different with the shearing machine, you can release the pedal switch, releasing and the machine stop working, or stamping and pressing down

Sheet Metal Bending Machine-Rules for safety operation

Strictly comply with safety operation regulations, wearing the labor protection necessities according to the requirements

Carefully checking the motor, switch, wire and ground connection and operation section and button before starting the machine.

Inspecting the contact ratio and solidness and whether the positioning device are in line with machining requirement.

Running back to original procedure if upper slide plate and positioning axes not in the original states.

Non-loading operation for 1-2 min after starting, and upper slide plate full stroke running for 2-3 times, when eliminating all the potential malfunction, can running into normal operation ,otherwise instantly stop the machine for maintenance.

One commander is recommended, close cooperation between operator and feeder to ensure coordinating men all in the safety position.

When bending sheet must be compacted, in case the plate perking and hurt worker.

You must cut off the power when adjust the sheet die

When changing the open slot, no material is permitted to contact with the lower die.

Standing behind the machine is forbidden when the machine working

Bending on one side is strictly forbidden

If workpiece or die is found not straight during the machine working, stop for correction, manually correcting is strictly prohibited in case of hurting your fingers.


Ban bending ultra-chick /chilled steel plate, high alloy steel, square and over thick plate in case of damaging the machine.


Regularly check the contact ratio of upper and lower dies and whether the pressure gauge complies with standards.

Immediately shut down when exception occurred, timely inspect and maintenance.

Put a wood block on the lower die and drop the upper die onto the block before shutting down to protect the oil cylinder and the upper die,

First exit control system, then cut off the power.

Sheet Metal Bending Machine-Maintenance and care:

Before starting machine, remove the foreign matter, metal debris and check the die installation, electric switch, cable and each fastener; Before maintenance or cleaning, putting the upper die down then shutdown; For starting or other operations, switch the upper die into manual operation status and ensure safety. Maintenance scope including:

Hydraulic oil-line
  1. Check the oil volume every week or after hydraulic system maintenance, if the hydraulic fluid runningdown to the fluid window, adding some hydraulic fluid;
  2. For new machine, replacing hydraulic fluid after working for 2000hours, thereafter, every 4000-6000hours, replaces the fluid and clean the fluid tank.

Maintain the temperature of hydraulic fluid within 35℃~60℃


Replace or thoroughly clean the filter when each time changes the hydraulic fluid.

Replacing the filter if the filter gives out abnormal alarm or the fluid become dirty.

Check and clean the air filter every 3 months, replacement in one year is recommended.

Sheet Metal Bending Machine-Hydraulic parts

Cleaning hydraulic parts monthly (baseplate, valve, motor, pump, fluid pipe etc) prevent dirt getting into the system.

Check whether the hydraulic tube deformation after using for one month, if exception occurs, timely replace it; after using for two months, tighten all fittings on connection.


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