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Shearing Machine china Output circuit control and performance characteristics of

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Shearing Machine china Output circuit control and performance characteristics of

The output control circuit of the electric shearing machine adopts the solid state relay SSR, whose interface circuit as figure 4. The input is TTL level and the output is AC load. When the P1.4 terminal outputs a high level “1”, the solid state relay SSR conducts the AC motor to run. In contrast, if the low level (” 0 “) is output at the P1.4 end, the SSR is cut off and the AC motor is shut down, the other two circuits are exactly the same. In order to achieve photoelectric isolation, four DC solid state relays QS1 ~ QS4 are formed into a reversible DC motor control circuit (i.e., a two-way servo motor control circuit).Shearing Machine china

The Production process control software of automatic cutting machine adopts modular structure; sequential control system programming refers to the flow charter draw logical function. The control program is divided into two parts, part of the main program, used to initialize the system, which set the interrupt control word counting and constant, etc.; the other part is the interrupt service program, the production process control of the shearing machine system.

Performance characteristics of electric shearing machine: the whole machine adopts all-steel welded structure; vibration eliminates stress, and has good rigidity and stability. Color with advanced hydraulic integrated valve block, compact structure, reduce pipeline connection, improve system reliability and easy maintenance; Serial oil cylinder makes the cutting angle of machine tool not change when cutting. The energy accumulator returns smoothly and quickly. Blade clearance hand wheel adjustment, accurate, rapid and convenient; the cutting angle can be adjusted to reduce the distortion. Electric rear baffle, position display, convenient and accurate; Roll the feed ball, reduce the material scratch, and reduce friction.Shearing Machine china


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