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Rolling Machine Basic Composition must be understood


Rolling machine can be divided into mechanical and hydraulic types, mechanical  Rolling machine is divided into symmetrical and asymmetrical. The sheet metal can be rolled into a circular, curved and within a certain range of taper workpiece. The structure of mechanical three-roller symmetrical rolling machine is of three-roller symmetrical type. The upper roller moves vertically up and down at the center of the two lower rollers. The output gear of the reducer meshes with the lower roller gear to provide torque for the rolling sheet.

Rolling Machine

(1) Upper and lower rollers: are important parts of plate rolling machine, and the material is made of quality carbon steel.

(2) Rack: one piece for each frame, with lower roller bearing on the rack.

Inside the frame is a square screw rod, and the upper end of the screw rod is hinged to the bearing seat at both ends of the upper roller.

(3) Speed reducer: ZSY280 hard tooth type speed reducer is installed on the channel steel base with the pad height.

(4) Electrical part: all installed in a control box for easy operation.

(5) Unloading device: balance the upper roller when loading on one side of the reducer; Unloading and recovery are completed by oil cylinder.

(6) Base: formed by welding between shaped steel and steel plate. The frame, reducer, motor, etc. are installed on it to form a whole.

The friction part of the three Rolling machine should be lubricated regularly to keep the normal operation of the parts. In each exposed open gear, worm gear, worm meshing parts are coated with grease lubrication.

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