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Problems to be paid attention to during the use of Hydraulic Press Brake machine


Hydraulic press brake machine is an important piece of equipment in any metal fabrication shop. It allows you to bend t metal in a multitude of ways. Your Hydraulic press brake machine is one of the most important tools in your company’s production plant. When it is down, your work comes to a grinding halt. Knowing how to properly care for your press brake is one of the most important parts of running an efficient business.

Hydraulic Press Brake does not generate pressure

  1. Check whether the press brake motor and the oil pump are positive and negative
  2. Clean the spool of the press brake safety relief valve
  3. Clean the spool of the YV1 two-position four-way solenoid valve of the press brake hydraulic system.
  4. Check whether the press brake large hydraulic control check valve has internal leakage.

hydraulic press brake machine

The hydraulic press brake slide block self-falling

  1. Clean the spool of the press brake small hydraulic control check valve.
  2. Clean the hydraulic press brake poppet valve core.
  3. Check whether there is leakage in the left and right cylinders of the hydraulic press brake.

The two sides are not balanced when the press brake is folded

  1. According to the angle error of the two ends of the folded plate of the press brake, use the hexagonal tube on the press brake to disassemble one end for unilateral adjustment. The Y-axis handwheel rotates a circle of 0.10mm, and adjusts to the appropriate state according to the magnitude of the angle error. Then, finally connect the loose end of the hexagonal tube and it can be used normally.
  2. Check whether there is any deviation in the free state on both sides of the press brake (the two sides of the normal range are allowed to be 0.20-0.30mm). If the deviation value is not within the range, you can use the unilateral eccentric sleeve to adjust appropriately until the two sides are adjusted to the allowable range.

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