Press Brake depends on the accuracy of the various parts of the machine

The electro-hydraulic control system in the Press Brake can be divided into an open-loop control system and a closed-loop control system. The beam of the Press Brake is the main control part of the system.

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1.Closed loop

The closed loop is also known as the reaction control system. The system compares the measured value of the system output with the expected set value, and then generates an error signal, which is then manipulated and conditioned using the signal error so that the output value can approach the expected value. For example, Wuxi Shenchong, when driving, first of all, in the brain, there is a preliminary perception of the direction of travel of the car. During the journey of the car, people investigate the direction of the car with the eyes, and compare the direction and expectations of the car. The direction, in the process of constantly adjusting the direction, and finally make the car’s direction of travel continuously approach the direction of the direction, and then form a closed loop control.


Closed-loop control is based on the operating conditions of various parts of the machine, with high accuracy and response speed. Due to the large number of planning elements of the closed-loop control system, the overall architecture is more chaotic and the price is higher than that of the open-loop system.

2.Open loop

Open loop is compared to closed loop, that is, open loop control does not reflect the current system control results. For example, throw something. Once something is thrown out, people can’t manipulate what they throw. Because, once things leave the hands, people’s manipulation of things will stop immediately.

Therefore, in the open loop system of the  Press Brake, the accuracy of the bending depends on the accuracy of each part of the machine tool. The system cannot manipulate and compensate for the change in parameters generated during the bending process, and then the bending accuracy is not high. Once the outside of the machine is disturbed, the internal parameters of the machine will change. However, in terms of system planning, the open-loop planning is more simple and stable. Whether it is the device of the previous machine tool, the maintenance of the subsequent machine tool is more simplified.