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Common press brake faults and maintenance: Insights from a manufacturer

the back gauge of KRRASS press brake 6 axis

Press Brake Manufacturer Takes You through Common Faults and Maintenance!

Most of the faults in CNC press brakes are caused by the prolonged use of the guide rail, improper lubrication of the guide rail, leading to increased clearance due to wear and tear.

Such faults require inspection to determine the cause, repair or replacement of faulty components, and troubleshooting.

Here, the press brake manufacturer will analyze the common mechanical faults and their maintenance for everyone.

Due to the heavy load, inadequate lubrication of the moving parts, and complex working environment, press brakes are prone to wear and tear and damage to the moving parts.

If the damage is severe, replacement is required. The feeder shaft driver, servo motor failure, and upper computer control system failure are common faults.

1. Inconsistent dimensions of the back gauge (big and small ends)

If the error at both ends is small, within 2mm, check and confirm that there are no faults in the X1/X2 mechanical transmission structure. The error can be eliminated by adjusting the stopper finger.

Tin bronze or nodular cast iron should be selected, and the fitting surface should be ground on a surface grinder. The connecting bolts should be lower than the fitting surface, and an inverted V-shaped lubricating oil groove should be provided.

2. Abnormal noise when the slide block moves downward during work feeding

Check the wear degree of the guide rail pressing plate and readjust it to the required clearance.

a. The original pressing plate has a plastic covering. Pay attention to the hardness of the covering, the fitting surface with the guide rail. After scraping, the press brake ensures that the fitting surface is above 85%, and an inverted V-shaped lubricating oil groove is provided.

b. The original pressing plate contains a metal plug. Readjust it within the tolerance range of parallelism and reinstall the synchronous transmission device.

3. No action from the back gauge shaft

The reason for the failure of the rear material stopper shaft transmission may be that the transmission shaft is detached from the timing pulley or key bar, or the timing belt slips.

4. Loose connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the slide block

A loose connection between the hydraulic cylinder and the slide block can cause inaccurate bending angles or the machine not being able to find the reference point.
If there are no faults in the mechanical transmission structure (such as bearings, ball screws, linear guides, transmission wheels, transmission belts, etc.), troubleshoot the fault. Determine whether to replace the guide rail pressing plate based on the degree of wear.

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