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Press Brake China: Your Guide to Advanced Manufactures

CNC Press Brake for China

In 2023, Press Brake China output reached 35,486 units, and the demand will be approximately 25,896 units. In recent years, as the market competition in China’s industry has gradually intensified, the production scale and technical strength of leading companies have gradually increased, pushing the overall price of industry products to show a significant downward trend. The average price of press brake China market in 2023 dropped to 278,100 yuan/unit.

Press Brake China market size has grown from 2.045 billion yuan in 2015 to 2.635 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.2% in the past five years. It is expected that by 2025, press brake China market size will reach 3.305 billion yuan.

What Is A Press Brake

The Press Brake is an important equipment for bending and forming workpieces in the sheet metal industry. Its function is to press steel plates into parts of various shapes according to process requirements.

The left and right columns, worktable and slider (hereinafter referred to as the three major parts) are key parts of the bending machine.

The sum of the weight of the three major parts accounts for 70% to 80% of the total weight of a bending machine. Its strength and rigidity directly determine the operating accuracy and service life of the machine tool, as well as the accuracy of the workpiece.

China Press Brake: Follow The Time Tightly

In recent years, China press brake manufacturers continue to introduce advanced production technology and equipment, strengthen research and development innovation, and improve product quality and performance. For example, through improvements in CNC technology, hydraulic technology, mechanical structure optimization and other aspects, the bending accuracy, stability and automation level of China press brake machines have been greatly improved. 

As market demand continues to change, the product lines of domestic bending machines have become increasingly rich and diversified. In addition to traditional hydraulic bending machines, more intelligent and automated CNC bending machines have also emerged, as well as customized bending machine models suitable for different processing needs.

Benefits of Purchasing Press Brake from China

One of the advantages of working with a Chinese press brake manufacturer is the ability to reduce your procurement costs. Chinese manufacturers usually offer competitive prices for their products, which helps to reduce the overall cost of the press brakes.

Lower Costs: 

production costs for Chinese presses are comparatively affordable, due to the high production capacity and the resource benefits of the Chinese manufacturing sector. By optimizing design, procurement of materials as well as labor costs, Chinese manufacturers have successfully reduced the cost of manufacturing. This means that you can get top-quality press brakes for lower costs and gain a competitive edge on the marketplace.

High Production Capacity: 

China has a huge manufacturing and labor resource that result in a large capacity production of press brakes. If you require massive quantities for bending operations or a custom-designed production process, Chinese factories can quickly react and offer solutions to meet your requirements. This capacity for production is high, which gives advantages in speedy delivery and a flexible response to market developments, helping to better meet the needs of customers and capitalize on market opportunities.

High Quality: 

Chinese press brake have earned themselves a an excellent reputation for high-quality. The manufacturers in China insist on quality control and employ strict quality control methods to ensure that every press brake meets high-quality standards. This strict quality control permits the user to select Chinese press brakes, and you will receive sturdy and durable equipment. Utilizing high-quality components and materials, coupled with superior manufacturing processes, Chinese press brakes demonstrate superior performance and reliability offering solid support for your manufacturing.

Innovative Technology:

Chinese press brake manufacturers invest heavily in technological advancement. They constantly develop innovative processes and technologies that increase the speed, accuracy and effectiveness of press brakes. Whatever the technology is, CNC or automatization systems, or smart products, Chinese press brakes offer the latest technology to enhance the efficiency of your production and improve product quality. These advancements give you an advantage in the market to keep up with changing market requirements. In close cooperation with research institutes, Chinese press brake manufacturers continuously create new technologies and unique products while maintaining their competitive position in the market.

Main Types Of Press Brake China

Beam Press Brake

The beam press brake is a popular type of bending equipment in China. Its characteristic is that an oil cylinder is used to drive the upper and lower molds to press the metal sheet to deform it and form the required shape. Beam-type bending machines have the advantages of compact structure and high precision, and are widely used in workplaces such as making light sheet metal.

Hydraulic Press Brake

Hydraulic press brake is also a common type of bending machine in China. Its characteristic is that the hydraulic system is used to transmit oil pressure to drive the upper and lower molds to suppress the metal sheet to achieve the required deformation and shaping. Hydraulic bending machines have high precision and stable performance, and are suitable for processing various plates that require high materials and forming accuracy.
Common models of hydraulic bending machines include WC67K, WE67Y, WC67F, etc.

Electric Press Brake

Electric bending machine is a kind of bending equipment developed in recent years. It is characterized by the use of electric screws to lift mechanical molds, and has been widely used in sheet metal processing fields where complex shape requirements are not high.
Common models of electric bending machines include WC67E, WE67E, etc.

Generally speaking, there are many models of domestic bending machines, and each model has its own characteristics and scope of application. When purchasing, you need to choose according to your specific needs.

Common Models of Press Brake In China

WC67Y series:

This is a common hydraulic bending machine model, usually consisting of an upper beam, workbench, oil cylinder, back gauge, etc. Their bending length and pressure can be customized according to needs, and they are suitable for bending various metal sheets.

MB8 series:

This is a CNC hydraulic bending machine with the characteristics of high precision and high efficiency. It uses a CNC system to control the bending angle and position, and is suitable for processing workpieces that require high bending accuracy.

WC67K series:

similar to the WC67Y series, but the WC67K series usually has higher working speed and bending accuracy, and is suitable for mass production and occasions that require higher processing accuracy.

WC67Y/K-100/3200, WC67Y/K-160/3200, etc.:

The numbers in these models indicate the maximum pressure of the bending machine (in tons), and the following numbers indicate the bending length (in millimeters). For example, WC67Y/K-100/3200 means that the maximum pressure of this model is 100 tons and the bending length is 3200 mm.

PBE series:

This is a CNC hydraulic bending machine with a high degree of automation and bending accuracy, and is suitable for processing workpieces with complex shapes.

These are the more common domestic press brake models. Each model has its own characteristics and applicable scenarios. The specific selection should be based on processing needs and budget.

Press Brake China Famous Brands

Some China press brake manufacturers have gradually increased their visibility and influence in domestic and foreign markets through technological innovation, brand marketing and other means. Some brands such as KRRASS Machine Tool, Jiangsu Yawei, JFY, etc. enjoy a certain reputation at home and abroad.

Here are the top five brands of press brake China:

1. Krrass

KRRASS boasts a premier R&D team, dedicated to pioneering cutting-edge technological advancements for the production of top-tier products. By eliminating intermediaries, KRRASS offers factory-direct sales, ensuring cost-effectiveness for customers. Moreover, KRRASS provides comprehensive online and offline after-sales support through a team of skilled professionals. With service stations spanning over 50% of the globe’s countries, KRRASS guarantees reliable assistance wherever their products are utilized.

KRRASS offers a diverse selection of press brakes, featuring a wide range of state-of-the-art models. Our lineup includes NC press brakes, CNC press brakes, hydraulic press brakes, hybrid press brakes, and electric press brakes, each with unique strengths and functionalities.

2. China Yawei

Since its establishment in 1956, Jiangsu Yawei Machine-Tool Co., Ltd. has emerged as a prominent player in China’s high-end sheet metal processing machine-tools sector. Specializing in the development, production, and distribution of advanced, intelligent, and automated equipment, Jiangsu Yawei Machine-Tool Co., Ltd. offers a comprehensive range of products. These include CNC turret punching machines, CNC press brakes, CNC laser cutting machines, flexible cells and systems, automatic coil lines, as well as linear and horizontal multi-joint robots.

3. China JFY

JYF Inc. stands at the forefront of China’s metal plate processing machinery sector. With a sprawling warehouse spanning over 70,000 square meters, we are committed to the research, development, production, and distribution of premium plate processing machines. Our diverse product lineup includes hydraulic shearing, bending, and rolling machines, as well as ironworkers, band saws, drilling machines, and lathes. These machines find extensive applications across various industries, including military, heating, construction machinery, construction, bridges, power and nuclear, petrochemicals, automation, aerospace, shipbuilding, iron and steel metallurgy, railways, boilers, container production, hardware, coin manufacturing, and more.

4. China Yangli

YANGLI GROUP was established in 1966 and located in the ancient city named Yangzhou,the core area of theindustrial region of the Yangtze Delta.It was registered RMB 0.1 5 billion and now total assets of RBM 2.4 billion,with more than 106.7 hectares.Yangli has five fully owned or holding divisions,Yangli Heavy Duty Machine Tools Co.Ltd,Yangli CNC Machine Tools Co,Ltd,Yangli Precision Machine Tools Co,Ltd,Yangli Hydraulic Machine Tools Co,Ltd.and Yangli Machine Tools Co,Ltd, which are dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of medium or high-level processing equipments and press lines for punching,shearing,bending and laser cutting of metal plates.

Press Brake China: More Advanced Future

The development trends of China CNC press brake industry include refinement, intelligence, green environmental protection and service platformization. Enterprises need to continuously strengthen technological innovation and brand building, adapt to changes in market demand, and achieve sustainable development.

Refined development: 

With the upgrading of the manufacturing industry and the continuous advancement of technology, the CNC bending machine industry is developing in the direction of refinement. Enterprises need to continuously improve the accuracy, stability and reliability of equipment to meet the needs of high-end manufacturing. At the same time, CNC bending machines also need to adapt to more complex and precise processing needs, such as the processing of high-precision parts, processing of special-shaped parts, etc.

Intelligent development: 

Intelligence is the future development trend of CNC bending machines. By introducing technologies such as artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, automation and intelligent control of equipment can be realized, and production efficiency and quality can be improved. At the same time, intelligent technology can also help companies achieve traceability and optimization of the production process, reduce costs and reduce waste of resources.

Service platform and green and environmentally friendly development: 

In the future, the CNC bending machine industry will provide more service platform services, deeply integrating machinery, electronics, information technology, etc. to provide comprehensive and efficient solutions to adapt to the rapid upgrading of the manufacturing industry. and changes. With the continuous improvement of environmental awareness, the CNC bending machine industry also needs to pay attention to the development of green environmental protection. Enterprises need to take effective environmental protection measures to reduce pollution and energy consumption in the production process, promote green manufacturing technology, and achieve sustainable development.


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