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Precautions for Hydraulic shearing machine logistics & transportation

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

What precautions should be taken in the logistics and transportation of Hydraulic shearing machines?

  1. When handling the logistics and transportation of Hydraulic shearing machines, the shipper must also provide cargo instructions and special requirements for loading, unloading, and securing the device in addition to the general regulations. In exceptional cases, the shipper must also apply for a transportation permit from the relevant authorities. The carrier should review the information provided by the shipper, understand the specific characteristics of the cargo, select suitable vehicles, and complete the transportation procedures under safe conditions and capacity.
  2. Before departure, the carrier should inspect the work site and route together with the shipper based on the overall dimensions of the large equipment, truck, and cargo weight. They should familiarize themselves with the road conditions and the capacity of bridges and culverts and develop a transportation plan. Personnel from other departments should inform the relevant authorities in advance and obtain their consent before shipment.
  3. The road management authority must apply for an “overweight vehicle permit,” and the approved route must be followed for bulk goods requiring special container transport. When transporting large goods within urban areas, it is necessary to undergo inspections by the public security authorities and municipal engineering departments and obtain a transportation permit before proceeding.
  4. Develop technical plans and operating procedures for loading, unloading, and securing the CNC shearing machine and strictly adhere to them to ensure proper loading, fastening, and safe handling. If the carrier is responsible for the loading and unloading operations, they should follow the shipper’s requirements, considering the characteristics of the cargo and following the loading and unloading procedures. If the shipper is responsible, the carrier should arrive at the loading and unloading location at the agreed-upon time and supervise the process.
  5. Operate according to the designated route and schedule and prominently display safety signs indicating the cargo’s length, width, and height. Flags should be hung during daytime travel, and signal lights should be used during nighttime travel, parking, and rest to warn other vehicles. Special vehicles must lead the way and promptly remove obstacles to particular items.
  6. The transportation costs for large CNC shearing machine equipment should be negotiated and agreed upon between the contractor and the shipper. The shipper should bear the costs of road reconstruction, bridge reinforcement, obstacle clearance, and escort services required to transport large and heavy objects.

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