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W11S 3-Rollers Variable Geometry Plate Roller Machine

W11S 3-Rollers Variable Geometry Plate Roller Machine

Unmatched capacity. Superlative precision. Optimal turnout.

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Experience Hassle-free Bending By Plate Roller Machine

Our top-of-the-art plate roller machines are accessible and energy efficient. Ensure the steel plate bending work of peace of mind and convenient operation. KRRASS’s linear guided machine tools provide multiple benefits to your manufacturing infrastructure: efficient and long-lasting performance, unmatched edge bending accuracy, reduced capital expenditure, and reduced ongoing operating and maintenance costs.


Variable Geometry Design

Plate bending/rolling process

KRRASS’s Variable Geometry machines deliver performance equivalent to that obtained with the more expensive 3-roll plate roller machine and are therefore ideal for medium-to-heavy-duty plate roller machines.

Exceptionally high rolling capacity is achieved due to the variable bending span of the bottom rolls. The rolling power can be 15-20 % higher than linear guideway and swing-guide designs of the same top roll dia machines.

The particular configuration of this design provides for the plate bending rolls to move independently by hydraulic cylinders – the top roll moves vertically; the bottom rolls move horizontally – and are rotated by integrated planetary gearboxes with hydro-motors. This allows for optimal central distance between the bottom rolls and the distance between the bending points offering immense advantages. 

  • For thin plates, the roll span can be drastically reduced, generating excellent traction, and avoiding driving slippage and spring-back. 
  • The bending span can be significantly increased for thick plates, thus reducing the bending load and plate deformation. 
  • Additionally, bottom rolls can be moved independently from each other and can be placed asymmetrically to achieve high-quality edge bending.

Another critical benefit of horizontally moving bottom rolls is that the plates can be fed using a simple unpowered conveyor, saving costs.

The variable geometry machines deliver multiple advantages to your fabrication infrastructure – a remarkably increased rolling capacity, reduced capital expenditure, and lower ongoing operational costs. They are the most attractive investment for heavy plate thickness (Above 80mm) applications.

The Advantage Of KRRASS Sheet Metal Plate Bending Machine

Plate Bending Machine factory real shot

16,000 square meters of manufacturing facility in Nanjing, China’s Engineering Hub that strategically allows us easy access to infrastructure facilities like transport, raw materials, skilled workforce, power supply etc.

Our manufacturing excellence is underpinned by continuous product development. We have been leading the industry since over 40 years in design, build quality, performance and value for money. All our designs have been developed in-house and are fully supported by us.

We have manufactured and commissioned over 2500 machines across China and overseas. The first machine we ever sold is still in operation and is proudly supported by us.

We enjoy loyalty of over 400 delighted clients. Beyond excellent performance of our machines, they also enjoy our on-demand service and our ever-ready inventory of a full set of spares for all machines we manufacture.

Enjoy the peace of mind that you are in good hands.

W11S-Series Plate Roller Machine Product Range

ModelPressure of Top
Max. Bending
Max. Bending Width
Top Roller
Bottom Roller
Central Distance
Main Motor(Kw)
For DriveFor HydraulicFor Movement
W11S-4x2500 2543.5250020012516042.21.1
W11S-6x2500 3065250021012516042.21.1
W11S-8x2000 3786.5200021013518042.21.1
W11S-8x2500 3786.525002351351805.52.21.1
W11S-10x2000 3710820002351351805.52.21.1
W11S-10x2500 5510825002501452007.541.1
W11S-12x2000 65121020002501452007.541.1
W11S-12x2500 75121025002651452007.541.5
W11S-12x3000 75121030002901502451141.5
W11S-16x2000 75161320002651502457.541.5
W11S-16x2500 10016132500300165270155.51.5
W11S-16x3000 13016133000330180300155.52.2
W11S-20x2000 10020162000300165270155.51.5
W11S-20x2500 13020162500330180300155.52.2
W11S-20x3000 1602016300038020033018.57.52.2
W11S-20x4000 2302016400044023538030114
W11S-25x2500 19025202500380220360227.54
W11S-25x3000 2302520300041023538030114
W11S-25x4000 2702520400049025040030114
W11S-30x2500 2303025250041023538030114
W11S-30x3000 2703025300045025040030114
W11S-30x4000 3803025400055027546045225.5
W11S-35x2500 3203528250045025040030114
W11S-35x3000 3803528300051027546045225.5
W11S-40x2500 3804032250050027546045225.6
W11S-40x3000 4304032300054029050055227.5
W11S-40x4000 54040324000630340610552211
W11S-45x3000 54045363000590340610552211
W11S-50x2500 4305040250058029050055227.5
W11S-50x3000 54050403000600340610552211
W11S-50x4000 69050404000700380700753015
W11S-55x3000 61055453000620360650753015
W11S-55x4000 85055454000750420780903715
W11S-60x3000 69060503000650380700753015
W11S-60x4000 93060504000780440820903715
W11S-70x3000 85070563000710420780753715
W11S-70x4000 1150705640008404809201104518.5
W11S-75x3000 93075603000740440820903715
W11S-80x3000 105080653000770460880903718.5
W11S-90x3000 1150907530008204809201104518.5
W11S-100x3000 13501008030008604809201104522
W11S-110x4000 180011090400095060011201325537
W11S-120x4000 2300120100400099064012802757537
W11S-150x3000 23001501203000105066012802x75 7545
W11S-160x3000 25001601303000108070013602x75 7545
W11S-160x400028001601304000126072013802x90 9045

* All Sizes in mm.
* All capacities are as per 260 MPA.

We offer machines with fixed and variable speeds according to your application and feed requirements.

Build Quality & Benefits

Sturdy Steel Structure

KRRASSs’s sheet metal plate bending machine have a strong steel structure made from heavy metal plates. These frames are connected through a sturdy box design chassis and are equipped with interlocking and stiffening ribs. Rolling guides are machined together utilizing a single fixed reference point, which allows for parallel of all shafts and precision surfaces, as well as the machine’s life and critical precision characteristics.

Rolls Of Sheet Metal Plate Bending Machine

The rolls are the most important elements of our sheet metal plate bending machine. KRRASS designed the optimum diameter roll and used a forged carbon steel roll machined with a high-precision CNC lathe. Our rollers have a unique spline-based design, which effectively connects the rollers with the planetary gear system. This design reduces roll failure points compared to welded connections offered by other manufacturers.

Sturdy Steel Structure

Crowning Of Sheet Metal Plate Bending Machine

Our rolls are crowned to compensate for roll deflection during the bending process. Custom crown-machined rolls for different materials or thickness can be selected when ordering.

Hydraulic Gear System Of Sheet Metal Plate Bending Machine​


Additional energy saving is ensured in our 4-Rolls sheet metal plate bending machine by a hydraulic system which can work at less than full capacity when jobs less than maximum thickness are rolled.

KRRASS Planetary driving system ™ used in our machines is efficient and eliminates energy wastage associated with heavy-transmission systems and yet achieves the goal of speed reduction by increasing the stages in gears and pinions.

Operational Benefits

Pre-Pinching (Pre-Bending)

Edge bending can be done before or after shell rolling depending on operator skill and choice. Thin plates can be rolled and edge-bent in a single pass.


Easy Cone Bending

The cone bending process with the W12 series is simple. The bottom rolls need to be inclined to achieve cone bending geometry. This is controlled and monitored by electronic microprocessor (on some models). 

Our control system also ensures easy and accurate return to parallel setting after cone bending resulting into precision on repetitive jobs.

High Productivity
  • State-of-the-art in forming cylinders and cones.

  • Easy to install, extremely user-friendly and convenient to service. 

  • Simple to learn and operate. No extensive operator training required.

  • Robust construction reduces wear & tear.

  • Readily available spare parts.

  • Tropicalized oil cooling system ensures non-stop operations in hot working conditions.

  • Easy to understand hydraulic and electrical system reduce unwanted down time.


Other than cylinders and cones, other non-circular shapes like oil tankers and elliptical shells can be made using a PLC version. 

  • Due to the exceptional build quality, failure-resistant linear guideway design, high operational precision, and a wide range of jobs that can accurately rolled, the F series machines prove to be the most attractive investment for any type of industry, regular production or a job shop.

  • Due to a variety of accessories that are available to enhance the machine capability, the investment is justified in more than one way. The energy saving features and negligible maintenance cost also promise a low running cost.

Additional Features Of Sheet Metal Plate Bending Machine

Alongside our excellent design and build quality, we provide the following additional features and accessories upon request from our client.


Surface-Hardened Rolls

Induction Hardened Rolls having Surface Hardness between 42 to 55 HRC for additional durability and longevity.


Complete Windmill Tower Manufacturing Package

Including central and side shell support, tilting conveyors, hardened rolls and PLC/CNC capabilities


Central & Side Shell Supports

Central & side shell supports provide ease of operation, operational cost saving and productivity while increasing safety of workers.


Hard Chrome Plated Rolls

Hard chrome plated rolls for special applications in Pharma and Dairy Industry.


Tilting Table

Tilting tables for support while feeding plates at specific angles. Specially useful for plates of larger lengths.



Powered Conveyors that provide ease of plate feeding in case of longer plate lengths, improved machine performance and longevity.


PLC Control

PLC Controllers provide precision, ease of operation, while identifying needs for preventive maintenance to increase machine life and optimize productivity.

FAQs For Sheet Metal Plate Bending Machine

All rolls are crowned (cambering) for compensating deflection.

Top roll is counter balanced automatically once the drop end is opened without any jacks or manual arrangement.

DRO (Digital Readout) is housed on the operating console which gives the position of the bottom rolls with respect to the top roll.

Cones can be bent up to the edge-bending capacity of the machine. The bottom rolls can be inclined for the required cone angle.

Some of the electrical bough outs are IP 55 like motors, switchgears etc. The electrical cabinet will be manufactured as per our standard practices and will meet IP 55 protection.

Forward and reverse to the main drive is provided. The bottom rolls can be moved up and down individually.

Hydraulic oil – Enklo 68 Planetary Gear box – EP 90

Operating console houses push buttons for all the operations of the machine. The console is movable so that the operator can keep it at any desired location.

Although the standard machine is not meant for hot rolling, occasional hot rolling can be done (a few jobs per month) provided that suitable precautions are taken.

A. Divide the Actual YP by 26. Find square root of this number. Multiply this value by actual plate thickness to get effective thickness.

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