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Fault handling method of Plate Rolling Machine

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First of all, the instrument can be used to measure the electrical detection instruments and tools of the conventional four-roller coiling machine. According to the system circuit diagram and the machine circuit diagram, the voltage, power supply and pulse signal of the fault part are measured to determine the fault. For example: in the troubleshooting, the system alarm, the Plate Rolling Machine position ring hardware failure, using the four-roller oscilloscope oscilloscope to check for interference signals, using the capacitor in the circuit to filter it off to make the four-roller coil The machine system is working properly. If there is a situation where the four-roller system cannot return to the reference point, the four-roller oscilloscope can be used to check whether there is a zero mark pulse. If it is not considered, the measurement system is damaged.

Second, PLC interrupt status analysis can be performed with a programmable controller. When a programmable controller fails, its cause of interruption is memorized in the form of an interrupt stack. Using the four-roller and four-roller, the four-roller four-roller can be used to recall the interrupt stack and the block stack. The four-roller four-roller is quoted for the reason indicated. Explain the fault. This is the most commonly used and fast method in the maintenance of a four-roller of a programmable controller.

Finally, you can check with the interface signal. By using the programmable large four-roller controller to check the interface signal of the machine control system, the price of the four-roll four-roller, and the correct signal of the interface manual, it can also be found that the four-roller is corresponding The point of failure.

Plate Rolling Machine technology

1.Check the oil level of the hydraulic tank of the hydraulic station before work. Start the hydraulic station to check whether the oil pump works normally, whether there is leakage in the valve or pipeline, the pressure should meet the requirements, and open the air release valve to let the air out of the system.

2.It is not allowed to roll or level steel plates with protruding welds or cut edges.

3.When rolling or leveling, the steel plate and the work roll are not allowed to slip.

4.When rolling a conical workpiece, the manufacturer of the four-roller four-roller bending machine should press the small round end of the workpiece against the guide roller of the vertical roller.

5.When using a spacer to level the steel plate, the hardness of the spacer should not be higher than the hardness of the work roll.


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