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Why does plasma cutting  machine not work?

The arc cutting mode of plasma cutting machine mainly has two modes: high frequency arc striking and high voltage arc striking. Generally, the domestic plasma cutting machine adopts basically high frequency arc striking, and the plasma cutting machine basically adopts small power manual cutting. It is contact cutting (small power refers to plasma with output current below 100A), that is, the cutting torch is pressed against the workpiece to cut the arc, and the plasma cutting machine with the model number above 100A (that is, the output current is 100A or more, including 100A) is adopted. Non-contact cutting, that is, the cutting nozzle is cut from the workpiece by 5~8mm, and the high-frequency interference generated by the contact cutting on the outside of the arc is smaller than that of the non-contact cutting.

Inverter plasma is basically limited to 100A or less (including 100A) plasma due to the limitation of technology or accessory materials. Of course, some manufacturers produce inverter 120A, 160A plasma, but in fact in actual use. In view of these products, these products are still very immature and have many problems. Therefore, inverters with a frequency of less than 100A are mainly used, mainly 40A, 60A (63A), etc., and a small amount of 20A, 80A, these low power. The plasma is basically contact arc cutting except for a small number of special customized models, while the inversion plasma of 100A and above is non-contact cutting. Low-cut cutting is also contact cutting, but the output current is below 100A). The high-frequency interference to the outside is large. Therefore, some inverter plasmas do not have high-frequency arcing, but the external interference is slightly smaller.

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