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Palestine Swing Beam Shearing Machine and Palestine Punching Machine

Palestine Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Palestinian customers visit our factory's Swing Beam Shearing Machine

Mr. Salam and his partner from Palestine visited our factory for QC12K-6*3200 Palestine Swing Beam Shearing Machine and J23-12T Palestine Punching Machine. The customer visited the factory of KRRASS and learned about the Shearing Machine series products produced by KRRASS

During the conversation, they mentioned that the quality of the machines from KRRASS looked good, better than other companies. We demonstrated the working process of the pendulum shearing machine to the customer on the spot, which has been well received by the customer. The pendulum shearing machine produced by KRRASS for Palestine customers is with German Rexroth valve, Siemens motor, Schneider electrics, etc. With these imported configurations, the machine enjoys high precision and speed. Palestinian clients love the Hydraulic Swing Shearing Machine we make for them. They said they would introduce our products and brands to more Palestinian friends who need to buy Shearing Machine.


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