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Thailand Customer Pornsak Visited Our Company check NC Press Brake

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Thailand Customer Pornsak Visited Our Company check NC Press Brake

On Feb.16,2017, Three managers Pornsak、 Pomgsakorn and Sukanya from Tailand came and visited our company.

R.P.S. is a professional supplier for CNC cutting machine and welding equipments, and trusted by many world-class brands. Since Dec. 2016, purchasing manager Sukanya began to search various manufacturers, such as Belgium HACO, Germany Trumpf and some manufacturers in China. In order to expand business and fill the blank in Sheet metal processing industry, Sukanya decided to make a site visit to our company, after many times communication by email, They have acquired basic knowledge about our company and established initial trust on us.

Feb.16, they arrived at our company on schedule. First, they came to our export workshop, accompanied by general manager Denny, overseas department head Shane and sales Emma, Emma made a detail introduction about our featured products NC Press Brake and Hydraulic Shearing machine, and shown them that our machine mainly use imported components, heat treatment of the whole machine can ensure the machine accuracy and service life, Customers shown strong interest. Mr. pomgsakorn even personally operated the machine, said that the machine operation is indeed very easy and convenient.

After visited the production workshop and warehouse, Pornsak made a request for immediate signing the order contract, he said: he is now very confident in our product quality and production capacity after three hours of visit, and said this is the strongest comprehensive strength company he had visited.

After more than two hours fierce meeting discussion, R.P.S finally inked a 100,000 USD trial order, aiming at a long term cooperation relationship with us company and obtained the distribution rights in Thailand. The visit has a profound impact on developing Thailand market, especially Southeast Asia market.


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