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Reasons and solutions for NC Press Brake ram failure to return stroke


The guide rail of the NC Press Brake slider must be lubricated once a day. Generally, before starting the NC Press Brake machine, the slider is in the bottom dead center position. Lubricate the guide rail of the slider once, and clean and lubricate the ball screw and linear guide weekly. Lubricate the guide rails and screws of other sliding parts. After the new machine has been running for half a year, you must replace No. 46 or No. 32 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

High pressure filter element, replace hydraulic oil and high pressure filter element once a year. Every month should check whether the connection between the cylinder and the slider is loose Whether the backgauge timing belt is loose or not, check the gap between the longitudinal rail and the lateral rail every month, and adjust it in time.

NC Press Brake

NC Press Brake for Fault reasons:

1.No-load cannot return, which may be a parameter problem or hydraulic failure;
2.The workpiece angle is not up to the set value;
3.The workpiece angle has exceeded the set value

NC Press Brake Troubleshooting:

1.Adjust the Y-axis bending part parameters, and the bending parameters should be adjusted according to the actual debugging. The partial gain is too small, the slider will not fold or not fold properly, too big slider will jitter, and the parameters should be adjusted to make the slider not jitter when the action is taken, and the gain should be as large as possible. Or the left and right valve bias in the diagnostic program is not well set, too small Y axis cannot be put in place, too large Y axis cannot unload; In case of hydraulic failure, check the main pressure and check whether the PV valve S5 is always in the power position.

2.It is possible that the parameter gain set for the bending part of the Y-axis is small and can be increased appropriately;or the pressure is not enough, analyze thereason: programming reason or the signal, hydraulic part reason. Programming reasons mainly include mold selection, plate thickness, material, workpiece length, bending method, etc. The hydraulic reasons mainly include whether the oil pump is leaking inside, whether the proportional pressure valve is polluted or damaged, whether the filter core is blocked, and whether the oil has been polluted.

3.Mainly for programming and operation reasons, check the programmed procedures.

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